Announcing Offline Mode

Now Raken users can take the app with them wherever they go... even in areas with no service.

October 10th, 2018

Raken users take the app with them wherever they go, and sometimes that means they take it out of network range, whether it's in an elevator shaft or parking garage. With Offline Mode, users can now document issues, take photos, assign tasks, and manage time cards everywhere they go.

All the information captured while offline will be automatically synced once the device is back on a network.

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Information Cache

Offline mode works by caching everything you put into Raken when you're not on a network. That means you can keep using Raken normally - adding photos (the time stamps still work even when offline), making notes, filling out time cards, and assigning tasks. As soon as you're back on a network everything you put in while offline will be automatically synced to the daily report and you're good to go. You can use offline mode on up to 5 of your most recent projects, no matter which plan you're on.

Work Like Normal

When you're offline, you can keep using Raken's features to quickly fill out your daily report and time cards. You can even sign when you're done and it will be sent automatically once you're connected.

Automatically Synced

We added offline mode because we know that superintendents and foremen have begun to rely on Raken and use it throughout their day. We wanted to make it even easier to capture jobsite progress no matter where that jobsite was. We've made the experience so seamless that you shouldn't even notice any change in the app while it's working in offline mode. And when you are back on a cellular/wifi network all that work is immediately relayed back to the office, letting you get back to your day without having to write it all out again.

From parking garages to basements- Raken works offline.