Introducing Toolbox Talks

No more searching for toolbox talks. No more scrambling for signatures. Raken Toolbox Talks is here to streamline and organize your tailgate meetings.

June 18th, 2019

Here's a few questions for all the superintendents and foremen out there: How long do you usually spend searching the internet for a toolbox talk to give at your next tailgate meeting? After one of those meetings, have you ever passed around the attendance sheet only to never be able to find it again, or discover that it didn't make it to half the people that were actually there?

Now here's some questions for all the project and safety managers: Are you tired of emailing toolbox talks every week to all of your projects? Do tailgate meetings find you struggling to get all the attendee signatures scanned, collated, input into a system, and filed?

Raken Toolbox Talks were made to make the tailgate meeting workflow easier on superintendents, foremen, safety managers, and project managers so these important workflows and documents can be easily done, quickly organized, and always ready. With Raken Toolbox Talks you can bulk schedule talks for all your projects, capture signatures via the app or with a photo and browse a library of talks to save you time.

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With Raken Toolbox Talks you can bulk schedule talks for every project. Simply select the talks you'd like to add to the schedule and your superintendents in the field will find them in the Raken app organized and ready to go. They conduct the meeting and collect the signatures either digitally or in a photo and the safety managers in the office get an immediate notification. It's the easiest way to stay on top of tailgate meeting compliance without the hassle of sending in signatures or wondering which talks have been given or not.

There's no need to worry about a new project missing out, either. When you start a new project they'll be automatically added to the cadence. You can even set it so the talks repeat when a site goes through them all, so you'll know for sure that the important points are getting covered.

When we talked with safety managers and superintendents to understand their problems with toolbox talks each of them said that gathering, scanning, collating, and inputting signatures was one of their biggest issues. That's why with Raken Toolbox Talks superintendents can easily gather signatures one of two ways. Signatures can be captured with digital signatures: just pass a mobile device around the room after the talk and each worker that was there taps their name and signs with their finger. Or, if you prefer to have a paper sign-in sheet, you can take a photo of it which will be automatically attached to the toolbox talk report for that session.

All signatures and their associated toolbox talks are stored and searchable so safety managers can easily see which workers attended which meetings.

With Raken Toolbox Talks you'll never have to spend time scouring binders or the internet for a toolbox talk again. Raken Toolbox Talks come pre-loaded with talks on a variety of topics so superintendents and foremen can choose the one that fits their projects' needs. This saves them time thinking about which talks to give or searching for them in binders: they're all right there on their phone, organized and ready to go. Safety managers can even upload their own talks and manage the library so they'll know that workers in the field are always pulling from a standardized, company-approved list.

Streamline and Organize Your Tailgate Meetings