Introducing Start/End Times for Raken Time Cards

We are proud to announce our latest improvement to Raken Time Cards, tracking hours by start/end times! Now you can monitor start/end times and automatically adjust for lunches and breaks throughout the day.

February 6th, 2019

With our latest update to Raken Time Cards, users can now track hours by start/end times. This has been a widely requested feature for companies or projects that require what time a worker started and ended their workday.

In addition to recording your workers' start and end times Raken's latest improvement will automatically deduct lunches and breaks if those hours aren't billable for your company or project.

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Enable for Company or Per Project

All Raken Professional users with the latest version of the app will be able to use start/end times with their time cards. You can enable start/end time at the company or project level, turning it on for all new, active, current, or selected projects.

Keep Your Time Cards Compliant

Whether you're working on a federally funded project or your company just requires it, Raken Time Cards with Start/End tracking will keep your time cards compliant and uniform across multiple projects.

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