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Mobile Time Tracking Certification

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About this course:

The goal of this course is to showcase how to enter timecards using the Raken mobile application. Users will have a much better understanding of the different timecard types and which option is the best fit choice for their entries. Lastly, this course will explain how workers can sign-off on their timecards when they receive a reminder email/text.

Total course duration is 28 minutes.


  • Introduction Video (1 min)
  • Time Entry (Company Employees) Video (8 min)
  • Time Entry (Company Employees) Review (2 min)
  • Time Entry (Company Employees) Quiz (1 min)
  • Time Entry (Sub Contractor) Video (6 min)
  • Time Entry (Sub Contractor) Review (2 min)
  • Time Entry (Sub Contractor) Quiz (1 min)
  • Worker TimeCard Sign-Off Video (4 min)
  • Worker TimeCard Sign-Off Review (2 min)
  • Worker TimeCard Sign-Off Quiz (1 min)

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