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Timecards & Timesheets Certification

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About this course:

The goal of this course is to showcase how to enter timecards using the Raken web application. Users will have a much better understanding of the different timecard types and also how to access specific types of reports for time entry verification. Lastly, this course will explain in detail how to set up timecard approval reminders for supervisors for each payroll period.

Total course duration is 22 minutes.


  • Introduction Video (30 sec)
  • Add Timecard Intro/Demo Video (5 min)
  • Review Web Timecard Entry Details (2 min)
  • Timecard Entry Quiz (1 min)
  • Timesheets Video (4 min)
  • Review Timesheets Details (2 min)
  • Timesheets Quiz (1 min)
  • Timecard Supervisor Approval Video (3 min)
  • Review Supervisor Approval Detail (2 min)
  • Supervisor Approval Quiz (1 min)

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