Raken + Procore

With the Raken and Procore integration, information from the jobsite entered through Raken is automatically stored in a Procore project: it’s the best of both worlds.

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Simplified communication

By integrating the easiest to use daily reporting app with Procore’s project management software, users can synchronize reports submitted in the field with their document management system in the office. Raken enriches your Procore projects by providing organized, detailed reports directly from the field.

Specialized reporting straight from the field

Raken is the go-to app for field management. For superintendents, foremen, project engineers, and others working onsite, Raken is the most accessible reporting app to use while on the move. Users can submit organized dailies, photos, time cards, and other updates within a matter of minutes, all of which are automatically sent over to the office. Raken saves time and headaches for those working in the field while giving the office an official, organized account of what’s happening on the jobsite each day.

Document management covering all the bases

As an all-in-one software, Procore allows users to digitally store all of their important project documents in one location. From specs to submittals, all documentation can be found within a Procore project. That’s why Raken seamlessly integrates with Procore, making sure all your information is kept in one cloud-based system and enabling project managers and stakeholders to find documents easily and quickly, helping projects stay on track and within budget.

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