Safety Topics for Toolbox Talks

Construction safety is the #1 priority and it's never been easier than with Raken. Access a library of 100 toolbox talks, safety checklists, and attendance sheets in one place. Download a complimentary COVID-19 toolbox talk (provided by NECA) here.

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osha construction safety topics for toolbox talks

Find all your safety topics in one place

Raken makes it easy to upload your construction safety toolbox talks (or choose from our library), bulk schedule from the office, then deliver them and track attendance in the app.

Toolbox Safety Topics Library

Choose from 100 toolbox talk topics

Toolbox Talks comes with a starter pack of 100 pre-loaded talks, perfect for getting started or filling in any gaps in your schedule. We’ve got the best range of health and safety talks: everything from chainsaw safety to personal protective equipment to fall prevention.

Upload Toolbox Talk Topics

Customize your construction safety talks

With Raken, you can always upload and use your company’s own safety talks and access them anytime, anywhere. Our cloud-based storage system is the perfect solution for anyone looking to schedule customized, company-branded and approved toolbox talks for all their safety meetings.

Digital Signature Capture

Just pass the device around

Raken makes it easy to capture signatures from workers: Pass around the phone or tablet and all the signatures from the safety meeting are collected digitally and uploaded right into the report.

If you don’t feel like ditching the old sign-in sheet just yet, no worries. You can easily take a photo of the sheet and Raken will automatically include it in your construction safety report for that day.

Schedule all your toolbox talks at once

Not sure which superintendents are giving which toolbox talks? With Raken, you can bulk schedule a safety topic of the day for entire projects or at the company level before the project even begins. The superintendent will get the toolbox talk delivered right to their app.

Tell the whole story of health and safety

In addition to toolbox talks for meetings, stay on top of safety with surveys and checklists that give context to what happened throughout the day. You can attach photos and add notes to improve quality control, too.

Notes and Surveys

Capture incidents with all the details

This is your place to capture anything you think the office might want to know for that day that doesn’t quite fit anywhere else. Don’t have access to a particular section of the site? See a potential worker safety hazard down the road? Just make a note of it here and keep the lines of communication open.

Safety Observations

Make a safer jobsite

So you noticed that the rebar wasn’t capped or there wasn’t enough signage near an open trench… snap a photo and add a quick explanation to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Ignite safety culture within your company, promoting the health and safety of those around you in the workplace.

Quality Control

Stay up to standard

Take photos, videos, and add attachments showing the state of the build. If you noticed rust on the metal or rotted wood, make a note of it here and fix the problem before it’s too late. Prevention is the name of the game in construction safety.

Safety by the numbers

The Raken Insights Dashboard gathers construction site safety data data from each of your projects and makes it digestible. Data collected from the field is sorted and organized so you can see the big picture at a glance or drill down for more details.

Toolbox Talks Compliance

Safety records at a glance

See what your overall toolbox talk compliance is, how many talks are missing, and how many have been completed. You can even filter the data by date range or project.

Safety Incidents

Know when it’s reported

Any safety incident reported in the checklist automatically shows up in your Insights tab, so you can see which projects are safe and which need a little more attention. It’s a fast, easy way to start making your jobsites safer on a daily basis.

Watch Raken's safety talks in action

From toolbox talks to safety checklists, there are plenty of ways technology can work to help make jobsites safer. Check out this video to see how Raken helps bolster safety culture in the workplace.

Toolbox Talks definitely keeps us on track because it's very structured. You can load in what you want talked about and all the crews talk about the same thing that week. Plus, its all documented so we have proof that we did cover that topic.

Pat Redinger, Office Manager

Download free COVID-19 toolbox talks

We want to do our best to help make it easier for you to keep the jobsite safe. NECA has provided us with some COVID-19 safety toolbox talks—they are already loaded into the app and ready to be given in your safety meetings, or you can download the free construction safety PDFs below.

Toolbox Topic PDF

NECA Safety Toolbox Talk: COVID-19 and Other Communicable Diseases

Get the recommended precautions to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 on jobsites.

Toolbox Topic PDF

NECA Safety Toolbox Talk: What To Do if You Develop Symptoms

Follow these guidelines if you or any of your crew starts to show symptoms of COVID-19.

Toolbox Topic PDF

NECA Safety Toolbox Talk: Social Distancing for Protection

Educate your crews on the importance of physical distancing and how to maintain compliance.

Toolbox Topic PDF

NECA Safety Toolbox Talk: COVID-19 Worksite Safety

Use these construction safety tips to ensure your jobsites still in operation are following OSHA guidelines.

safety in construction field management

Toolbox Topic PDF

NECA Safety Toolbox Talk: Guidelines on Decontamination

Check out these guidelines for proper preparation and decontamination before returning to the job.

Stay in the know with COVID-19

From blogs and news articles to eBooks and guides, check out these additional resources to help keep you up-to-date and safe.


COVID-19 Safety Survey Questions

Learn how you can use our new daily survey template with safety questions specific to COVID-19 protocols across all your projects.

Resource Center

COVID-19 News Updates and Industry Resources

Get all the latest construction industry news and updates from our COVID-19 dedicated resource page.

Toolbox Talks Topic Library

Hand Tools Inspections

HDPE Pipe Welding

Heart Attacks

Heat Stress

Heat Stroke

Heavy Equipment Hazards

Heavy Equipment Operation

Hierarchy of Controls

High Hazard Activities in the Construction Industry

High Wind Dangers

Housekeeping in the Construction Industry

Hydration: The Importance of Water

Laceration Hazard and Injury Prevention

Ladder Inspections

Ladder Safety

Leave Yourself an Out

Lifting and Rigging

Lightning Safety

Line of Fire Hazards

Line of Fire in the Construction Industry

Manual Handling Injury Prevention

Motor Vehicle Safety

Muddy Work Areas

Noise Induced Hearing Loss

One Billion Dollars Spent on Injuries a Week

Organization Of Laydown Yard

Overhead Hazards Overhead Powerlines

Pinch Points and Hand Injuries

Prevention PPE is the Last Resort

Pressure Washing Safety

Preventing Equipment Damage Incidents

Rationalizing Unsafe Choices

Ready for Work

Recognized Versus Unrecognized Hazards

Report All Injuries

Seatbelt Safety

Securing a Construction Site

Shift Work Dangers

Shoveling Snow

Silica Dust


Situational Awareness

Skid Steer Safety

Sleep Safety

Slips, Trips, and Falls

Social Distancing for Protection

Spotter Safety

Stretching Pros and Cons

Strokes Signs and Emergency Response

Struck-by Incidents

Taking Ownership of Safety

Task Planning

Theft from a Construction Site

Underground Utility Strikes

Unloading Trailers

Unsafe Acts

Unsafe Conditions

Utility Vehicle Safety

What to Do if You Develop COVID-19 Symptoms

Wind Chill Index

Winter Weather

Winter Weather Driving

Wood Dust

Work Area Best Practices

Working Alongside Subcontractors

Workplace Inspections

Workplace Suicide

Workplace Violence

Zero Injuries in the Workplace

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