Updates to Raken's Home Screen

We're rolling out an exciting design improvement to help field crews more efficiently use Raken to track progress on your job sites.

This change will provide:

  • A new look and feel further showcasing our investment in being the easiest to use app for the field!
  • All your field reporting tools (and photos) at your fingertips
  • Speed and performance improvements

Don’t worry—you’ll still have access to all the same great features without any changes to your current field workflows.

Questions? Check out some of our frequently asked questions (and answers) below.

Some questions you may have...

When and where will I see this change?

This change will appear in iOS and Andorid mobile apps. Once a project is selected, you will see the screen shown above as your new project home screen. Everything else about the functionality within the app will remain the same.

Are there any other changes to my daily reporting, production tracking or safety workflows?

Nope! All your workflows will remain completely unchanged.

How will this affect my field teams?

Your field teams will continue to do their daily reports and document safety, quality, and production exactly the same way they did before—but now all from one place.

Will my field teams be notified ahead of time?

Yes! We’ll send them a message in their app letting them know when they’ll have access to the new home screen, when it becomes available, and how they can reach out to us if there are any questions.

Can I go back to the old UI?

As the Raken platform continues to evolve, changes like this are necessary to maintain the ease of use we’re known for. While we won’t be supporting the old UI, we are happy to work you you and your teams to help with the transition.

How can I provide feedback?

We always want to hear feedback from you! If you have questions, comments, or feedback, please reach out to us via email at feedback@rakenapp.com

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