Adding a Project

We take you through how to add a project and get started with Raken.

Get Started with a New Project

Easily add a new construction project to your Raken account. Projects will be visible and editable from Raken's mobile app through iOS and Android, or through the web at


To add a new project in Raken, click add a project from the projects page. The first thing you'll do is give your project a name and click create project. Now you can give it a number, a location, and even add a photo for your project banner. Click Save and you are taken right to today's reports. From here, you can invite project members either from your existing pool by clicking a name, or you can invite outside collaborators with an email, name, and company. Click on the gearbox next to your project name to adjust individual settings like selecting a template or customizing any of the other sections of your report. Click today's report to head back to the main screen.

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