Weekly and Monthly Summaries

Watch how you can create weekly and monthly summaries in Raken.

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Compiling daily reports and having to go through each one of them to make sense of a project's progress is a pain. In this video I'm gonna show you how easy it is to create a weekly, monthly or summary reports using Raken.


Compiling daily reports in having to go through each one of them to make sense of a project's progress is a pain in this video I'm going to show you how easy it is to create a weekly monthly or summary report using raken. Raken summary reports allow for superintendents and foreman to create a quick snapshot of projects progress executives and project managers can create a single report covering all projects at once saving time and ensuring visibility to get started log on to your account using the web rakenapp.com and click projects you'll notice a new button on the top right of the screen which now streamlines the reporting process for your company you will see three types of reports daily which is your daily report showing you all of today's activities your daily report includes hours worked hours today notes issues and concerns site safety observations QC observations and daily survey it can also create a manpower report which allows you to export hours worked into Excel.

Here's an example work log data is extracted from Raken into Excel and can be uploaded into your payroll and finally project summary to create a project summary for this particular project simply select the timeframe that you'd like to report on and enter your email address your summary report will be emailed to you and will contain information for the period that you choose this report contains the manpower total as well as the count of safety incidents delays and miss reports below the summary you'll find a work log for the day or week depending on your selection weather will be summarized in a calendar view along with each instance of a safety incident delay or missed report the great thing about this new feature is that you can compile all your projects into one report saving you tons of time. To create a summary report for all your projects or just a few of your projects click project summaries on this page you can select projects the timeframe and whether you'd like a monthly or weekly report simply enter your email address and receive the report in your inbox your summary report will have an index page with a quick snap snapshot of each project by clicking on the full summary button you will be taken to that project summary report to go back to the index page just click summary index.

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