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Learn how to manage your jobsite photos with the Raken app with this tutorial video

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This video shows how to manage construction job site photos using Raken. No more emailing, downloading or storing your construction job site photos. Let Raken do the work for you. Simply add progress photos to your daily reports. Raken collects all photos and creates a fully searchable photo gallery, organized by date, allowing you to manage and view all your photos. Download your photos into folders at the end of the job if you would like to keep files on your own servers, otherwise, Raken will store your photographs for up to 10 years after the completion of the project.


Managing photos for construction projects is time consuming, from taking a photo with your phone to emailing it to the office, uploading it to a computer in the trailer, then saving the files and naming the folders, too much time is wasted. Raken's newest feature streamlines the entire process for you. Simply snap a photo with the app, and we'll do the rest. All photos taken on Raken are uploaded and organized by date in a photo gallery, giving full visibility into your projects anywhere you are. You can even sort photos by contractor or keyword search the gallery. When the project is done, simply select a timeframe, and we'll send you an email with all your photos organized in folders.

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