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In this video, we show you how to quickly and easily create a construction manpower report.

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Raken's Manpower Reports allow for data to be extracted into Excel format - clients typically use these reports to keep track of worker count & hours as well as payroll.


Tons of data is entered in your daily reports each day. The Raken manpower report allows you to export all your work hours into excel, giving you insight into hours worked manpower across multiple job sites as well as actual descriptions of work. You could utilize this information to process payroll or to help you understand manpower trends over time for all your contractors or employees. creating a manpower report is quick and easy. simply navigate to your project using the web version, click on the arrow next to report on the top right of the page, click manpower and select a desired time frame. If you're using the super daily, you have the option to click this box here to include collaborators manpower as well, just click sent to request this report.

Once you receive it via email, simply click on this button here to open up your excel report. The first two tabs on the bottom left of your spreadsheet cover the number of workers and hours worked for each contractor or employee on this job. This helps you keep track of manpower during the specific timeframe and helps you make sure that you're staying on schedule with each of your trades or employees. The detailed manpower shown here is specific to your project and breaks down all your work logs by each day and by each specific entry. This is a great way for you to locate any work performed or even keyword search when something took place. you can see your company name here, the date, the employee or contractor, the quantity, hours, and total hours. each day is summarized with its totals. on the bottom of the spreadsheet you see the grand totals.

A lot of our clients are using this detailed manpower report for payroll purposes, running this on a weekly or biweekly basis. The detailed manpower for all projects tab here displays the same information, but includes all the projects you're on. Finally, this tab, here displays work hours by project, this is a great way for you to keep track of contractors in place worthy across multiple projects.

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