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Join us on a walkthrough of New Raken, the largest update yet to Raken's Daily Reporting software.


We are excited to announce the launch of new Raken, the largest update to the world's number one day the reporting tool. The first thing you notice when you sign in is a redesigned interface. The entire experience has been streamlined and cleaned up to make it easier to navigate. the heart of the new dashboard is the activity tab, a real time feed of your activities throughout the day.

Further down you'll see past activity for all your sites. Every project has its own section with important information like the weather conditions, manpower, and whether there were any safety issues or delays. You can even get an idea of the total amount of work going into the site and whether or not a daily report was filed that day. you can also jump into a weather report, work log, or complete daily report right from the dashboard activity page. the insights tab is a tool to make your construction firm more efficient. It takes all the data your dailies are collecting and breaks it down into insights you can use. You can get an overview of hours for every project, daily report compliance, even safety and delay incidents sorted by date and project.

The insights tab is the fastest way to track the pulse of your entire organization in one place. new Raken comes with other features for you to explore and the best part is this is all available in our mobile app, giving you the power to know what's happening on your job sites no matter where you are- these new features support what Raken has always done. Make daily reporting faster and easier than ever. If all this seems like a lot don't worry. We've also improved the on boarding process, so you don't miss a thing. so log on today and find out what's happening in the new Raken.

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