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Watch how to create automated and customizable weekly and monthly construction daily report summaries.

Do Your Dailies as You Walk the Site

This video shows how you can easily create a daily report by using speech to text functionality available on iPhones, iPads and Android devices. Quickly add your notes, photos, and observations. Raken takes all your inputs and generates a daily report PDF which can be automatically emailed to the project stakeholdes.


Going through your dailies one at a time to make sense of your project's progress is a pain. Raken's new feature fully automates weekly progress updates to your team and the owner on all the things they care about with no work on your end at all just keep doing your daily reports through the app and we'll do the rest. In this video I'll cover the report you get automatically on a weekly basis via email then I'll go over how you can customize your summary reports to fit your internal needs as well as the needs of the owner. Raken's summary reports provide valuable insights on the performance and progress of your workers as well as your subcontractors the first page of your weekly summary report contains a snapshot of all the projects you're a member of on this page each project is listed along with the number of workers hours worked safety incidents delays miss dailies and open tasks to access the Caesar hotel project I'll simply click on the project name here the first thing you see at the top of the report is a project name the company logo progress photos below you see this week's summary stats along with the all-time stats right below. this help you keep track of key stats for the entire life of your project. the manpower graph shown here lets you visualize daily changes to your work force the dotted line represents the number of workers and the solid line represents the hours. if you're using the super daily you also see a red line representing your subcontractor hours. this graph is a great tool to help you understand how the workforce fluctuated throughout the week on this particular case you can see how that manpower related to the weather conditions on this job not only that but you can also see the temperature with precipitation and humidity for each day.

As you scroll down to the next page you get into more detail for this projects progress for instance you see all the photos taken sorted by date and a time stamp on the bottom right of each photo. you can always click on a photo to make it go fullscreen below the photo section you see the detailed stats by company on the job site this week along with the all-time totals you'll then see the full manpower report by company and each instance of a safety incident delay or miss daily you can always go back to the summary page by clicking on one of these arrows here then click back to the project summaries by clicking on this arrow here all this information will be delivered to your inbox on a weekly basis giving you further visibility on the project and providing your key stats to help keep everything under control. with that said you may want to customize this report to fit internal needs or the needs of the owner you'll be able to customize what the report looks like when it gets sent and who receives it.

We're now going to show you how easy it is to customize a weekly or monthly summary report using breaking let's say you're looking to schedule a monthly report to the owner simply click projects click on this arrow up top then select scheduled reports from here you'll be able to edit an existing report or create a new one on this example I'm going to create a new summary report first I'll give it a name and I'll enter the email address of the owner the first thing you want to do is select which projects you want to generate this report for then the timeframe in this case I'm selecting monthly report for all of my projects this next section lets you customize which parts of the report you want to be displayed for my owner I want to exclude delays and safety incidents so those will not show on the report plus I don't want my subcontractors reports to be part of this. This last option here lets you pick which day of the month to automatically send this report you're all set your summary reports are now in cruise control and will come to you via email let us know if you have any questions by reaching us at

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