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Let's set you and your team up with a free trial of Raken's Performance plan. To help you get the most out of your trial, we'll cover:

  • Core functionality of the platform

  • Your specific goals for field management

  • How to set up projects and team members

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Explore all our features during your trial

Daily Progress Reporting

Collect data from the field faster—including work logs, photos, surveys, and weather—compiled into branded PDF reports.

Time & Production

Track and measure productivity for projects and cost codes with time, equipment, material, and certification reporting.

Safety & Quality

Use digital observations, checklists, and toolbox talks to promote safety and maintain quality.

Document Management

Store everything from the field in one place, easily searchable for when you need it in the case of disputes.

Save time and money with Raken

“When you’re on a project and you have to find information about something that occurred several weeks ago, being able to pin down a day and having the pictures, allocated hours, notes, and survey all in the same place is pretty unrivaled.”

– Zachary, Assistant Project Manager

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