Construction Daily Reports and Field Management

Get in. Get it done. Get home.

Introducing Toolbox Talks

Raken Toolbox Talks make construction safety meetings easy. Browse a library of talks, bulk schedule talks for all your projects, and capture signatures via the app or with a photo.

Simple daily reports from the field.

With Raken, you spend less time producing reports and more time completing projects

Clear, valuable insights for the office

Stay on top of all of your projects with notifications, insights, and analytics on Raken's dashboard

Features built with you in mind

Quick and easy construction management with Raken's digital toolbox.

Trusted by thousands of construction companies around the world.

Rich DeLacey, Hensel Phelps

"The amount of time Raken saves our guys really contributes to their quality of life. They can get in, get their daily reports done, and go see their families."

Dave Storvis, Sundt

"The logistics of a daily report are done in five or six clicks. I can then put it down and go out in the field doing what I do best."

David Whitt, Swinerton Builders

"Everyone's been very well adapted to Raken. Daily report compliance has gone up. It's easier, so a lot more foremen are using it."
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