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It's one thing to talk about ease-of-use — its another thing to prove it. G2 has officially named Raken number one in usability for construction management software in their Winter 2020 Report. In the report, Raken also ranked within the top three for results, relationships, and implementation.

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With Raken, you spend less time producing reports and more time completing projects

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"The amount of time Raken saves our guys really contributes to their quality of life... They can get in, get their daily reports done, and go see their families." Rich Delacy
Project Superintendent

"Raken and Egnyte save us a whole bunch of time and money, and that's the two keys of construction right now. Time and money." Igor Charsov, Senior Field Engineer

"Everyone's been very well adapted to Raken. Daily report compliance has gone up. It's easier, so a lot more foremen are using it." David Whitt, Project Engineer

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What people are saying about Raken

It’s easy, and once your job and sub contractors are input in, the quick fill in the blanks for the remainder of the job makes it great because I just don’t have a lot of time to be stuck doing daily reports. Thanks Raken, keep it up

Sam Evans

Great app for construction daily reporting. I can see who was on a job, how many hours they worked that day/week between projects, upload photos, it automatically uploads weather stats for the day... has made my life easier and gives a much cleaner and more thorough daily report than paper.

Richard Sahuque

Raken is one of the best decisions we took in our company. By creating professional daily reports in just seconds, it saves more than 30% of time on our project Coordinators. And Customer Service is the best, they are always available and always follow up to make sure you are clear.


Our superintendents dreading writing out laborious daily reports. Raken makes field reporting far more efficient and allows our guys to spend more time doing what they need to do, to supervise and manage the work in the field.

John A

It's a one-step process, as you walk the site you're creating your daily report. You don't have to go sit in your trailer at the end of your day. By the time your day is done you save the report, send it off, and it's all there.

Tim Burton

I have been using Raken for about 2 years. I couldn't be happier with the ease of use, time savings, outstanding format and customer service. I highly recommend this to any contracting firm looking for a way to streamline their daily reports.

Stephen F
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