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Completed, branded, and signed construction daily reports delivered in minutes.

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It all starts here - the Raken construction daily report

Raken's construction daily reports guide you through field reporting with faster notes, photos, tasks, and submissions. What was once annoying is now a smooth, easy experience. Get updates and insights for missed reports, delays, and safety incidents from Raken daily reports for construction.

Voice to text makes note entry fast and easy as you walk the site

Attach photos, videos, and documents

Verify and submit with a single tap

Real-time notifications for safety incidents, delays, or missed daily reports

Doing daily reports...

without Raken

construction reporting without raken

Step 1
Arrive at the construction site, ready to get a good start to the day.

catch up on daily reports

Step 2
Catch up on daily reports from the previous day that weren't signed, completed, or even started to begin with.

manage daily construction site

Step 3
Manage day-to-day activity of the jobsite.

collect daily reports from subcontractors

Step 4
Chase down daily reports from subcontractors which are usually documented on spreadsheets, handwritten daily logs, or text messages.

organize construction daily reports

Step 5
Type, collate, and organize daily reports at the end of the day, tacking on extra hours after a long day.

with Raken

start the construction day with Raken

Step 1
Arrive at the construction site, ready to get a good start to the day.

construction daily report process with raken

Step 2
Everyone documents their own daily activity in Raken. Notes, manpower, photos and more are captured, and the daily report is complete.

sign off on daily report template

Step 3
At the end of the day, daily reports are signed and automatically sent off. Time to go home and save an hour of extra work on the jobsite.

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What's inside Raken Daily Reports

Customized and branded

Not all construction jobsites are alike. That's why Raken's Daily Reports are customizable to ensure you're only capturing the information valuable to your specific construction site. When the construction daily report is done, customize it with your firm's colors and logo for a professional touch. Raken will even send everyone a notification for missed daily reports, delays, or jobsite safety incidents. Raken makes construction daily reporting easier than ever.

Super Daily Report

Automatically gather construction daily reports from all your subcontractors in a hyperlinked, collated, branded report. We even send it on a schedule so you never have to worry about turning in reports again.

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The fastest construction daily reports

We built our construction software around a daily reporting workflow that the field will actually want to use. By making construction daily reports as easy as possible, we've helped thousands of construction firms gather the complete, thorough construction jobsite reports that keep owners in the loop, general contractors on top of progress, and subcontractors out the door faster. Raken's Offline Mode allows you capture your construction daily reports wherever your project takes you.

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