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In-App Messaging

Connect and collaborate from the office to jobsite seamlessly with:

  • Real-time messaging on web and mobile

  • Searchable history and channels

  • Photo and file sharing

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Streamline project communication

Our comprehensive messaging feature helps your field and office teams stay connected through a single channel.

Construction communication software on laptop and phone.

Eliminate information overload

In construction, constant communication is essential. Frequent updates from the field keep workers safe and on schedule.

But when you’re using email, third-party messaging apps, or phone calls for job-related conversations, important information gets lost in the shuffle—especially when those applications are also commonly used on a personal basis. With communications spread out across too many platforms, details are overlooked and employees get overwhelmed by notifications.

information overload graphic.

Stop the noise

Raken’s construction communication software works alongside our digital daily reporting tools and productivity tracking. Teammates can message each other directly, creating a single, streamlined space for any project-related communications.

You’ll never have to spend hours digging though your inbox for buried messages when compiling reports or resolving disputes again.

construction messaging app.

Collaborate your way

Customize your processes based on what makes sense for your business.

  • Organize communications into separate channels by topic, project, audience, or any other custom category.

  • Handle internal conversations in one thread and coordinate with subcontractors in another.

  • Search through messaging history quickly and efficiently.

With everyone on the same page, you can make cross-functional decisions faster and resolve any issues in real time.

construction messaging app on mobile.

Better data in less time

Our easy-to-use daily construction reporting software helps contractors quickly collect high quality data from the jobsite. Through cloud storage and mobile data capture, Raken allows information to be shared between field and office in real time.

Pen and paper reporting and complicated spreadsheets lead to wasted hours on manual data entry and miscommunications. Raken reduces both, letting the field focus on job-related tasks and the office on analyzing progress.

photos in construction reports.

Ready to see this feature in action?

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Photo and Video Documentation

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Digital Time Tracking

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