Construction Safety Management Software & App

Protect your employees and prevent accidents. Our construction safety app features:

  • Standardized surveys and checklists
  • Real-time reporting
  • Increased visibility

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Safer, more productive jobsites

Reduce incidents with fast, easy digital documentation using Raken's construction safety management software.

Reduce risks

Construction work is inherently risky. From the tools and complex machinery used to environmental hazards, contractors can’t take safety for granted.

Raken’s digital reporting software helps keep workers safe onsite by streamlining the documentation process. Using mobile devices, contractors can quickly and efficiently collect more detailed, consistent information from the field and share it with managers in real time for instant insights.

Catch and correct safety concerns early, before they lead to accidents or injury. Or, in the event of an unavoidable incident, capture all the necessary details to resolve it and get back on track as quickly as possible.

Increase visibility

With Raken’s construction safety management app, project managers, safety officers, superintendents, and other stakeholders can closely monitor the field, even when they can’t be onsite each day.

You’ll gain access to daily reports as soon as they’re uploaded to cloud storage. Information is organized in a clear, easy-to-understand format so you don’t have to search for crucial information. Field crews can even attach photos and videos for the best visibility you can get from the field or office.

Improve communications

Raken helps eliminate miscommunications through consistency and customization. With standardized report templates, field crews and subcontractors will know exactly what to look for when monitoring safety on the job.

Need to capture more details about an incident? Add a note. This feature lets users clarify or call attention to potential hazards.

Stay on schedule

When the jobsite is safer, the schedule runs more smoothly. Raken empowers field contractors to be proactive about compliance, so they can complete their planned tasks safely within the designated timeline.

Raken even captures weather forecasts so project managers can plan in advance and adjust accordingly instead of being surprised by storms and other dangerous working conditions.

Comprehensive construction health and safety management software

Our safety-enhancing features go above and beyond traditional daily reporting.

Safety checklists

Raken’s library of construction safety checklists helps manage risks and quality assurance. Choose from pre-built checklists related to risk assessment, hazard analysis, project safety, and more.

Construction checklists

Toolbox talks

Do your field crews need a safety reminder? We also provide over 100 toolbox talks that cover injury prevention, situational awareness, proper equipment handling, and other important topics.

Toolbox Talks

Photo and video documentation

It’s easy to add visual data to daily reports with Raken. Snap a photo to easily show incorrect signage, unsafe working conditions, and other safety concerns. Stakeholders will be able to identify the exact issue more quickly than through text reporting alone.


In-app messaging

Send safety alerts and crucial updates to all start directly through Raken’s construction safety management software. Cut through the noise of email and text and keep all project communications in one place.


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