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Reduce miscommunications from field to office by:

  • Adding custom notes to daily reports

  • Highlighting key details

  • Using voice-to-text recording

construction notes software graphic.

Easily attach comments to daily reports.

custom notes on a Raken daily report.

Don’t miss the details.

Have something important to say? Jot it down! With Raken, you can add notes directly to your daily reports to highlight safety concerns, quality control issues, or other crucial information.

edit task on mobile phone.

Be clear.

Including notes helps prevent miscommunication between field and office teams. A simple comment can call attention to key points and provide a background for daily reporting data.

Adding note on daily report on web app.

Use voice-to-text.

Field workers can type notes or use Raken’s voice-to-text functionality to record comments quickly and accurately.

Voice-to-text graphic.

Stay productive.

Your notes will be automatically attached to the relevant report, meaning you don’t have to spend extra time typing a text or email.

Custom note and photos attached to daily contractor report.

Take it from our customers.

I have been using Raken for about 2 years. I couldn’t be happier with the ease of use, time savings, outstanding format and customer service. I highly recommend this to any contracting firm looking for a way to streamline their daily reports.
Stephen F
This app is user friendly and helps every worker on the same page. If you’re using a crew or even two people, multiple jobs or just one, it helps keeps track of hours and notes/reports. I enjoy the app and have made it fit our work style, it has simplified filing of jobs, bids, and possible clients.
Chris Pedersen

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