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Construction Photo App & Software

Capture and Share Jobsite Photos

Improve project visibility and jobsite communication with our construction photo documentation software. Featuring:

  • Time-stamped photos, videos, and attachments

  • Photo markup, watermarks, and descriptions

  • Web gallery updated in real time

Product Video: Raken Photos.

Show project progress in a snap

Our easy-to-use construction photo app helps contractors visually document the jobsite in picture-perfect detail. Take jobsite photos and videos, add markups and custom watermarks, and attach them to reports right in our mobile app.

construction photo documentation app on mobile and ipad.
Add photo markup and description to construction photo in app.

Capture jobsite photos and media from the field

With Raken’s mobile construction photo app, field crews can quickly and easily collect jobsite photos and videos on the go. Add photo markup and descriptions to highlight critical details.

Time, date, and GPS stamp on jobsite photos.

Add automatic timestamps and watermarks

Time and date stamps are automatically added to all photos and videos captured in Raken. You can also enable custom photo watermarks with your company logo, project name, GPS coordinates, and more.

construction photo report app.

Share everything in real time on the web

Photos are automatically attached to daily reports and included in real-time activity dashboards. All data captured in Raken can instantly be accessed from web and mobile through secure cloud storage integrations.

construction photo management and organization software.

View all photos and videos in a project gallery

All your visual media is organized into project galleries within our app. Edit file names and captions, quickly search for specific photos and videos, and easily share with stakeholders for better engagement.

Show proof and improve your work

With an accurate record of jobsite progress, timestamped and watermarked, you’ll be ready for anything. With Raken’s construction photo management software, contractors can quickly identify areas for improvement and find historical data when you need it most—even after delivery.

Fast, easy photo documentation means better projects.

taking a photo of jobsite using Raken's construction photo app.

More than 130 million construction jobsite photos taken so far

contractor working on jobsite.

"Raken is a one-stop shop for time, comments, and photos. It definitely improves what you know about what's going on with all the jobs, plus it's easy to use."

Pat R., Office Manager and Estimator at Stonwerk Custom Masonry
contractor taking photo of work with tablet app.


Best Practices for Photo Documentation (and Boosting Visibility)

viewing construction photos in office.

Case Study

How Stonwerk Custom Masonry Uses Raken to Streamline Field Data

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