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Construction Material Tracking Software

Track materials easily and accurately with our construction material tracking software, featuring:

  • Real-time field insights

  • Detailed analytics

  • Automatic report publishing

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Improve profitability with better construction material tracking

Our digital tools help you collect, share, and analyze field data.

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Real-time reporting

If you’re managing materials, you need to know exactly who’s using what each day on the jobsite. Raken’s digital reporting capabilities help field contractors collect and share high-quality project data with ease, so you can accurately track progress.

Through our mobile app, contractors can quickly and consistently complete daily reports on their mobile devices, logging material use on the go as they work through tasks. Then, all information is automatically consolidated and published into clear, easy-to-digest formats.

With Raken, daily reports are simplified. Field crews can stay on top of reporting requirements without adding extra stress to the work day, and project managers can monitor material use in real time.

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Seamless communication

Reports submitted to Raken are stored securely in the cloud. Once they’re uploaded, all stakeholders can access them instantly. Share data with your entire team with just one click or tap, and track before and after quantities for the entire project without needing to search through your inbox.

Our construction material management software even has a messaging feature. If there is a quality concern or problem with a delivery, tag your field crew in the project thread.

With Raken, all project-related documents and communications are stored in the same place, so you never miss an important update.

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Better material management

Raken helps construction companies manage materials better because our intuitive reporting tools improve the quality and consistency of data you receive from the field. You won’t have to wonder how many square feet you leveled or cubic yards you poured, because you can closely monitor material use each day.

Pen and paper reporting leads to frequent delays and communication errors as field crews struggle to hand in reports on time and managers spend hours hunting down and organizing information. Raken standardizes the reporting process and makes material tracking a fast, painless process.

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Track productivity the Raken way

Materials, equipment, work hours—our comprehensive construction management app helps you track it all.

Stay productive

With major supply chain issues and high material costs affecting the construction industry today, production tracking has never been more important. Understanding the way your team works is crucial.

Raken’s production tracking software helps you monitor material use, equipment management, work hours, and other key project performance indicators. Measure actual numbers against estimates at a glance and gain the insight you need to make informed decisions.

Raken helps you keep projects on time and budget.

Construction production tracking software.

Capture visual data

With our photo and video capabilities, field crews can easily capture and share visual data. All photos and videos are automatically time and date stamped. See a clear picture of how and when materials are used and catch safety and quality issues early.

Users can add markup to photos to point out concerns or highlight important details. Just like reports, visual data is stored in the cloud in project-specific galleries with a handy search function.

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Build better bids

Tracking materials is important for the success of each project, and Raken can help you plan better future projects too. Our construction material tracking software makes it easy to manage budgets and review historical data.

Quickly locate past reports to analyze material use and apply that knowledge to new estimates. You’ll start with more accurate budgets and know exactly how much of each material to order.

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Mitigate risks

Because Raken’s material tracking tools help you better monitor material use and plan better bids, you’ll protect your company from disputes. Our detailed insights help you start projects with accurate amounts of materials and, in the event of unforeseen issues, make responsive decisions that can prevent litigation.

Raken saves time, money, and hassle, improving profitability and productivity.

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Who can use our material tracking app?

Raken works for contractors of all kinds.

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Raken for General Contractors

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Raken for Subcontractors

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Raken for Excavating Contractors

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Raken for Electrical Contractors

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Raken for Concrete Contractors

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Raken for Mechanical Contractors

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