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Subcontractor Software for Construction

Track production and monitor progress faster with our subcontractor software featuring:

  • Real-time field reporting

  • Mobile data capture

  • Seamless integrations

Raken For Trade Contractors.

Better production insights for subcontractors

Take the guesswork out of jobsite data with features that help you accurately track progress, productivity, and safety—so you can build better bids and win more business. Save time and improve field and office communications with real-time updates and easy-to-use daily reporting.

No matter your trade, our subcontractor project management software will empower your team to work more efficiently and effectively.

Construction management software built for the field

From daily reporting to production tracking and safety, we've designed our subcontractor app for anyone in the field to use. Our intuitive interface and streamlined report templates make capturing the right data quick and easy.

Production Tracking

Use data to track production

For every job you manage, it’s critical to know your field output. From materials installed to equipment on-site, our production tracking software helps subcontractors gather data without any extra manual or double entry.

editing a time card in the Raken app.

Time Cards

Streamline your payroll processing

Digitally record time for both crews and individuals and assign unlimited custom cost codes. Eliminate the resource drain in collecting and verifying hours with direct visibility and real-time updates from the field.

viewing a daily report in the Raken app.

Daily Reports

Save time at the end of each day

Complete daily reports as you walk the jobsite, then digitally sign and send to your distribution lists when they’re ready. Everything you enter (including time and date-stamped photos) using our subcontractor software is compiled into a branded PDF that’s organized and stored in the cloud.

Selecting a toolbox talk in the Raken app.

Toolbox Talks

Keep your crews safe and informed

Use our library of toolbox talks (or upload your own) to schedule safety meetings directly in the app and collect digital attendance sheets for every project. You’ll have a searchable record of every talk given in the case of any incidents or disputes, and your subcontractor crews will stay up-to-date on the latest protocols.

Completing a checklist in the Raken app.


Document safety and quality

Foster a culture of safety with easy-to-complete checklists to document compliance with company procedures. Get updates faster by reducing the steps for submitting and documenting proactive safety and quality measures.

Easy to use subcontractor management software

Our construction management app is intuitive and easy to use—even the least tech-savvy person on your team will understand how to use it (and will love it). Spend less time onboarding and more time building.

easiest software for subcontractors.

"The first person to use Raken was Wayne, in his late 60s. He was a little nervous to use an app and an iPad. But he quickly got the hang of it, and he loves it. Now, with some of our new inspectors, it takes them 5 whole minutes to get it."

Barbara T., Sr. Construction Manager

Improve internal communication

With more streamlined communication and digital documentation that’s stored in the cloud, you can easily search and find what you need without having to dig through files. You’ll know exactly which subcontractor did what at specific times on the construction site, and have the photos and data to prove it.

project management software for specialty contractors.

Use data to make decisions

Raken makes it easy for subcontractors to review historical production data and more accurately tailor future bids. Leverage your real-time data to make sure every project meets expectations.

Raken production insights on laptop.

See how Raken subcontractor management software works

Raken for Subcontractors.

Subcontractor FAQs

Raken is designed for all subcontractor specialty areas. We currently work with electrical contractors, mechanical contractors, excavating contractors, and more to improve field to office communication through digital daily reports, time card management, and safety documentation.

Raken’s construction software for subcontractors allows foremen and superintendents to track their entire crew’s time through our app on their phone or tablet. Capture the name and role of each worker, track hours worked, log break times, create custom pay types, and approve timesheets. Time data can be automatically synced or exported to accounting systems.

We work closely with the most popular construction accounting software including Foundation, Sage, and Quickbooks. Our software allows your team to capture all time card data digitally in the field and then send that information to the office for expedited review and accurate processing. We also have a flat file download that can be uploaded to eliminate manual entry.

Yes! We offer a robust library of toolbox talks in-app to help facilitate safety talks with your subcontractor crews. Have everyone sign off directly in the app to verify they were present at the meeting. These reports can be sent directly to the office for review.

Weather is automatically captured at the jobsite three times per day and is included in the daily report. Your team no longer needs to manually look up forecasts.

Absolutely. Our production tab helps field leaders track materials and any owned or rented equipment being used on the jobsite. This data can be leveraged by the office to determine if teams are meeting expected production rates.

Yes! In the production tab of our subcontractor app, Raken captures report data and creates a production insights chart with accurate current stats and projections. Using this chart, project managers can make impactful decisions faster, and estimators can draft better bids.

Raken’s survey section allows your field team to instantly notify the office if there are any delays or safety incidents. You can also send an automatic text in-app to the project stakeholders or use our messaging feature to tag team members and send push notifications.

Level up your jobsite

See how Raken's subcontractor app can help you streamline workflows.

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