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Collaborator Reports

Invite subcontractors and other collaborators to complete daily reports, upload project photos, and more.

  • Give external collaborators access by project

  • Assign tasks, reports, checklists, and observations

  • Improve collaboration without adding licenses

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Daily Reports

Real-time daily reporting

In Raken, collaborators can complete daily reports with a tap, including:

  • Work logs

  • Surveys

  • Notes

As soon as the reports are signed, they’re instantly indexed into the master daily report for that project.

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Photo Documentation

Time-stamped photos and videos

Collaborators can capture photos and videos and attach them to reports or upload them to the project gallery with automated time and date stamps.

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Safety Management

Custom checklists and observations

Assign custom checklists to make sure collaborators meet your safety and quality standards. Team members can also tag subs in observations to resolve time-sensitive issues.

The field loves Raken

You want detailed production insights, and your subs want to go home on time at the end of the work day. Give your collaborators a tool they’ll actually want to use to keep projects on track.

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Less manual data entry

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User-friendly design

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High adoption rates

Track progress in detail

Our daily reports capture all the critical details without the hassle of pen and paper or complicated software.

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All your important project info in one place

Raken’s daily reports show you the whole story of what happened each day in the field. Our easy-to-use app with mobile data capture makes data collection a breeze for the field. Then, the office automatically generates a daily report in a shareable PDF format.

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Go granular for internal teams

Are you a self performing GC with multiple internal teams working on the same projects? Create custom daily report segments by supervisor, shift, location, and more. Each segment can be downloaded separately or combined into a single, branded PDF for high-level visibility.

We’re receiving reports the next day instead of a week later.
Siavash Mohseni, Virtual Design Construction Manager at Hensel Phelps

Stop chasing down reports

Schedule a personalized demo to see Raken’s streamlined solutions in action.

Collaborator FAQs

A collaborator is an external partner who needs to use Raken to complete daily reports for a project you manage. They are different than internal team members, and have more minted access.

You can add collaborators to a project in Raken from the Project Directory in our web app. See detailed instructions.

Collaborators can submit daily reports and checklists, view assigned tasks, view the project directory, and upload photos, videos and documents to the project gallery. They can also be tagged to address a safety or quality observation.

Collaborators cannot create projects, and they do not have access to any projects they have not been added to.

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