Construction Budget Management Software

Increase profitability with our construction budget management software featuring:

  • Real-time cost tracking
  • Equipment, time, and material tracking
  • Historical budget data to inform future bids

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Easy cost tracking for construction projects.

Track progress from the field and set production targets in the office with Raken’s construction cost tracking software.

Digital production tracking

The best way to improve the accuracy of your budget planning is to collect detailed data from the field. Our digital daily reporting software makes it easy to track costs and gain granular visibility into how your team utilizes resources.

With comprehensive production tracking, time tracking, and material tracking capabilities, Raken helps project managers, accounting teams, and other stakeholders manage construction budgets and ensure projects stay on schedule. And, with all your historical budget information organized in one place, you’ll be better equipped to plan future projects.

Real-time budget tracking

Using Raken, field contractors can quickly and easily capture data from the jobsite using mobile devices. Because our application is simple to use, workers can provide consistent, accurate documentation without taking too much time from their daily tasks.

All information collected within our daily reporting app is shared instantly with the office via cloud storage. These real-time production insights allow you and your team to have the most up-to-date information about project status possible, so you can adjust projections as needed.

Export budget data

To be fully efficient, your construction budget management software needs to be flexible and work with your existing systems and processes. Raken integrates with the most popular software for project management and accounting and allows you to export budget data into clear, professional quality reports.

Use the data you collect in the way that makes the most sense for your business.

How Raken works

Our comprehensive construction management tools are effective yet easy to use.

Seamless data collection

No construction cost management software is beneficial without user buy-in. Raken is easy for field teams to adopt because it’s designed with their needs in mind.

With report templates, pre-built checklists, and an intuitive interface, our software saves field contractors valuable time without sacrificing detail.

Instant production insights

Real-time data sharing is essential for the office team to keep track of costs from the jobsite. Any stakeholder can access data from our app as soon as it’s uploaded via our construction office software. You can catch potential issues early and adjust budgets as needed without costly delay.

Better construction budget management

Raken helps you improve budget management on current and future projects by telling the story of how and where resources are spent. The high quality of construction budget tracking data you'll receive through our digital daily reporting tool means you’ll gain better, more detailed insights.

Use this enhanced visibility to plan accurate project budgets in the future and make informed decisions about purchasing materials or hiring additional staff.

Features designed for enhanced visibility

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