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Concrete Contractor Software

Build a foundation for production tracking and reporting with our concrete contractor software featuring:

  • Digital time tracking and daily reports

  • Real-time updates on every jobsite

  • Toolbox talks and custom safety checklists

Raken: Concrete Contractors.

Software Features

Field data at your fingertips

Time Tracking

Track time for every crew

Digital time tracking makes it easy to log all your crews’ hours in one place. Say goodbye to paper time cards, manual entry, and lack of visibility on your jobsite. Keep track of who did what including any overtime and rollover hours.

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Production Tracking

Measure your project output

Keep track of how much material you are using on a daily basis, as well as which equipment is on-site. Leverage this data to manage projects and make sure they meet production goals.

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Daily Reports

Create better daily reports

Tell the whole story of what happened each day as you walk the jobsite, complete with automatic weather capture, a time and date-stamped photo gallery, and daily survey templates. Save time by digitally signing and sending PDF reports to stakeholders.

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Toolbox Talks

Increase safety compliance

Use our library of toolbox talks (or upload your own) to schedule safety meetings for all your jobs. You can access the talks and digital sign-in sheets from the cloud whenever you need them.

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Enhance overall safety and quality

Improve documentation and visibility on every project with customizable checklists. Streamline the process for recording safety and quality protocols.

Streamline communication between the office and field

Proper documentation is critical for concrete contractors to effectively manage a project. With better communication and real-time updates, you’ll have everything stored in one place when you need it in the event of litigation or disputes.

activity dashboard of Raken software.

Empower your concrete crews with a tool that’s easy to use

There’s a reason we’re the field’s favorite app. Give your most tech-resistant Super our app to use, and they can start inputting data and creating a report instantly. Our app helps them save them time in their day so they can skip the paperwork and get home faster.

Concrete contractor using Raken software in field.

"Raken is user friendly and helps every worker be on the same page. If you're using a crew or even two people, multiple jobs or just one, it helps keep track of hours, and notes, and reports. I enjoy the app and have made it fit our work style, it has simplified filing of jobs, bids, and possible clients."

Chris Pedersen, CAP Masonry LLC

Raken helps concrete contractors make better business decisions

Gone are the days of trying to remember how many linear feet of rebar you used or cubic yards you poured—Raken helps you build project data as you work that you can use to sharpen your pencil and win more bids in the future.

Case Study: Stonwerk Custom Masonry

Learn about Stonwerk custom masonry and how Raken fits into one of the oldest trades in history.

masonry concrete contractor.

Level up your jobsite

See how Raken's concrete contractor project management software can help you streamline workflows.

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