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Explore Our Customers’ Most-Loved Features


Posted on February 20th, 2024

Raken's Most-Loved Features.

Raken is your all-in-one digital toolbox, packed with time-saving solutions that make field management fast and easy.

Check out the features our customers love to use each day, both on the jobsite and in the office. 

Daily reports

Raken construction daily reports app.

With Raken, your field crews don’t need to spend hours on daily reports to show you exactly what’s happening on the jobsite. Collect detailed progress updates with mobile data capture and share them in real-time through the cloud.

Why customers love Raken’s daily reports

  • Ease-of-use - Because Raken is so easy-to-use, field crews actually want to use it. That means no more missed dailies or chasing down data.

  • Automation - Raken automates key reporting workflows so you don’t have to manually share data. Schedule and automatically send custom reports on progress, safety, labor and more on a consistent basis.

Learn how to send an automated project summary report >

Photo markup

Raken construction photo markup tool.

Not only can you take time and date stamped jobsite photos right in our mobile app, you can also add helpful markups. Capture and share visual data, marked up for maximum clarity, with a few easy taps.

Why customers love it

  • Clear communication - A picture is already worth a thousand words, but jobsite photos are even better when you can highlight the most important details. 

  • Convenience - Raken’s photo capture tool functions just like your mobile camera, and you don’t have to leave the app to use it. Marked up photos can also be easily attached to reports, time cards, and observations, and they’re automatically added to a project gallery.

Learn more about photos in Raken >


Raken construction task management software.

Assigning tasks with clear due dates helps get the job done and keeps projects on schedule. Raken makes task management simple, with easy task creation on web and mobile.

Why customers love it

  • Accountability - Make sure workers understand their daily responsibilities and take the guesswork out of who should be doing what tasks each day. 

  • Visibility - Track open tasks across all jobsites to closely monitor progress and assign additional workers as needed.  

Learn how to assign tasks in Raken >

Time tracking

Raken construction time tracking software.

Raken’s time tracking solutions cut down on time theft and payroll errors. The field can quickly and easily enter hours while the office gets accurate data about how work hours are actually allocated with automated timesheets.

Why customers love it

  • Flexibility - With three flexible time entry options—a mobile worker time clock, shared kiosk, and time cards—you can enter hours the way that makes the most sense for your business. 

  • Accuracy - Raken integrates with the industry’s leading accounting software providers to eliminate duplicate data entry and reduce payroll errors.

Learn how to manage worker time in Raken >

Toolbox talks

Raken toolbox talk software.

As a part of our comprehensive safety management solutions, our toolbox talks give busy contractors an easy way to make safety a priority. Choose from over 100 topics in our toolbox talk library, schedule talks in our app, then take and store attendance digitally.   

Why customers love it

  • Standardization - Make sure everyone’s on the same page for safety, and empower your crew to keep proper procedures top of mind.

  • Compliance - Digitally store records of toolbox talks and track sign-ins at a glance with our web app’s safety dashboard. You can also use the dashboard to identify common violations and plan relevant topics for future talks.

    Learn about Raken’s toolbox talk library >

    Some features may not be available with your plancheck with our customer success team for more details.

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