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How to Digitize Your File Cabinet with Raken


Posted on January 11th, 2024

How to digitize your file cabinet with Raken.

Did you know you can digitize your company forms and documents in Raken? 

Save time, space, and money and improve communication by ditching the manual paperwork and managing all your important project  documentation in our web and mobile app. 

The benefits

Save time

Digital reports and forms can be created, shared, edited, and submitted in a fraction of the time that it takes to complete pen and paper documentation.

Find what you need, fast

Physical file cabinets quickly become unmanageable over busy months and years. With digital storage, finding the exact document you need is fast and easy with simple search functionality.

And, digital documents are easier to share, improving communication between the field and office and helping you ensure visibility across teams.

Go green

Paperless processes are better for the environment—and your wallet. Using digital document management means you don’t have to invest in endless supplies of ink and paper.

Go paperless with Raken

Raken construction forms software.

Digitize your forms

Use Raken to keep track of OSHA forms, important safety documents, and more.

From our web app, access a project and select Forms in the left-hand menu. Use the + Form button in the upper right of your screen to upload forms individually or in bulk.

Then, from both web and mobile, you can:

  • Edit or complete forms

  • Add text, pictures, drawings, and annotations

  • Duplicate forms

  • Share with team members and stakeholders

  • Export PDF copies

You’ll have all the forms you need in the same place, with clear visibility from the field or office.

Learn how to mange forms in Raken >

Integrate your cloud storage system

For maximum convenience, Raken integrates seamlessly with industry-preferred cloud storage solutions.

Make sure your forms, daily reports, safety checklists, and everything you add to Raken are safe, secure, and searchable.

We integrate with:

Raken allows you to access your documentation securely from any device, from both the field and office.

New to Raken?

Get streamlined digital documentation, daily reports, safety management, and more.

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