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Construction Production Tracking Software

Monitor every project’s progress with:

  • Real-time field productivity data

  • Time, equipment, and materials tracking

  • Historical production data to make better decisions

Raken Feature: Production Tracking.

Job tracking at your fingertips

Raken's production tracking software gives you the tools you need to easily collect accurate, detailed production data straight from the jobsite. With that real-time field productivity data in hand, managers can make better decisions about schedules and budget management that positively impact the outcome of their projects.

Material Tracking

Real-time field productivity data

Crews in the field can quickly record quantities of materials installed throughout the day and assign them cost codes from any mobile device. They can also add photos, notes, or other attachments to create a clear visual record of field productivity. Meanwhile, the office has visibility with access to the production data in real-time.

Editing a time card in Raken.

Time Tracking

Track your team's time from any device

Accurately track time in the field using any of our flexible time entry options: Time cards, kiosk mode, or our mobile time clock app. Roll over hours from day to day, bulk edit them, and apply the hours to cost codes in a few easy steps, making it easy for the office to track and predict labor costs as the project is happening in real time.

Construction equipment management software app on phone.

Equipment Management

Log owned and rented equipment

Streamline equipment management without manually updating spreadsheets. Automatically calculate its usage and days on-site—so you can track the overall financial health of the project.

Knowing is half the battle

The more you know about what’s going on with your projects, the faster you can make decisions to increase your profitability. Raken's job tracking software brings your equipment, time, and material tracking together so you know exactly what you need to improve.

Raken's construction production tracking software analytics.

Production Insights

More profitable projects

Raken's Production Tracking software starts by setting production targets in the office, followed by tracking and monitoring progress as it’s documented in the field. Raken automatically calculates how efficient you are in each cost code as well as projected time-to-completion to boost your profitability.

Historical Data

Win more business

Production Tracking helps to inform future bids and job costing with easily accessible data from jobs you’ve already done. Historical production data can even be exported and uploaded into estimating programs so you’ll know your bids are spot-on.

Data Exports

Avoid cost overruns

For our line of work—support and excavation—we use a lot of material and it’s very hard to keep account of it. I have a book where I write down how many yards I poured but some days I pour 200 yards, 150 yards, 3 yards and sometimes I forget to write it down. But, the thing that’s good with Raken is I never forget to do it.
Dean Connolly, Construction Supervisor

Level up your jobsite

See how Raken's construction productivity software can help you streamline workflows.

Production Tracking FAQs

Raken’s production tracking software allows your field team to track labor, materials, and equipment on site.

No, but you can use Raken’s production tracking app to request materials from your office through the materials management feature.

No, but Raken helps your field teams track owned and rented equipment across all projects. While Raken does not use GPS to track location, you can use Raken to log which project your equipment is on.

Yes, Raken’s construction equipment management software allows your field teams to monitor usage of owned and rented equipment.

Raken’s construction material tracking software allows your team to track unlimited amounts of material.

Yes, Raken's production tracking software will help provide accurate data regarding actual labor productivity as well as material and equipment management that can be compared to your bids. If used properly, this historical information can improve your estimates in the future.

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