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Catch up on all the latest construction tips, news, and updates.

Quarterly Update: Improved Safety and Performance Solutions

Helping our customers improve safety on the jobsite, protect their workers, and provide high-quality documentation is what we live for at Raken. Keep reading to discover what we...

Raken Updates
Raken customer tips and tricks for managing users.

How to Manage Users in Raken

Learn how to add new users and manage roles and permissions in Raken’s construction management software.

The Rising Cost of Disputes.

The Rising Costs of Disputes in Construction

A 2023 report revealed that the cost of average disputes in North America is rising. Read more to learn about the insights from the report, and how Raken can help.

Industry News
Heat Stress Prevention.

How to Prevent Heat Stress and Heat Stroke in Construction

We’ll teach you how to recognize the risks of heat-related illness and provide links to toolbox talks you can share with employees.

Safety Tips
4 Takeaways from the Billd 2023 National Subcontractor Market Report.

4 Takeaways from the Billd 2023 National Subcontractor Market Report

Construction is one of the nation’s largest industries, without which economic growth and innovation is impossible. In this massive industry, subcontractors are some of the...

Industry News
New Feature: Safety & Quality Solutions.

New Safety & Quality Features

Brand new safety and quality features are here for our web and mobile app. Proactively identify risks and resolve jobsite issues quickly with managed checklists, observations,...

Raken Updates
Product Updates Q2 2023.

Quarterly Update: Better Project and Workforce Visibility

Raken continued to gain momentum in the second quarter of 2023 to help companies increase their visibility around project progress and field crews. Take a look at what we’ve...

Raken Updates
5 Ways to Improve Construction Quality Management.

5 Ways to Improve Construction Quality Management

If your customers aren’t satisfied with the quality of your work, your project's profitability is in jeopardy. Quality errors often lead to costly rework, disputes, and...

How to become a subcontractor.

How to Become a Subcontractor in Construction

Subcontractors are skilled laborers who handle the day-to-day work of a construction project. Learn how to become a subcontractor and discover how this essential role fits into...

New Camera Upgrades, Ease of Use Improvements, and More.

New Camera Upgrades, Ease of Use Improvements, and More

We’ve launched a camera upgrade and several design improvements to help our customers make the most of their field data—while making our top-rated mobile app easier to use than...

Raken Updates
10 Incredible Construction Feats.

10 Incredible Feats in Construction History

Human history has seen a multitude of incredible feats. From Leonardo da Vinci to Nikola Tesla to Steve Jobs, creation and invention are core to the human experience. It sets us...

Industry News
Schedule of Values (SOV): What You Need To Know.

Schedule of Values (SOV): What You Need To Know

A schedule of values clearly demonstrates all the work and resources applied to a construction project. Learn how to create a schedule of values and use this type of...


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