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Catch up on all the latest construction tips, news, and updates.

Preconstruction Meetings: What You Need To Know.

Preconstruction Meetings: What You Need To Know

Learn how to prepare for a successful preconstruction meeting.

How to set up production insights in Raken.

How to Set Up Production Insights

Learn how to utilize all the data you’re already capturing in Raken to visually track projected performance.

Tailgate meetings in construction.

Tailgate Meetings in Construction

Learn about construction tailgate meetings, their importance, best practices, as well as where to find free tailgate safety meeting topics.

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Raken Quarterly Update Q1 2024.

Quarterly Update: New Features and Integrations

From forms, groups, and certifications to enhanced jobsite visibility, here’s what’s new at Raken.

Raken Updates
How to make safety reports for construction sites.

How to Make Safety Reports for Construction Sites

Managing safety is a complex process. Construction safety reports improve documentation and help you keep track of effective strategies. Learn more about construction safety...

Safety Tips
How to track worker certifications in Raken.

How to Track Worker Certifications with Raken

Learn how to assign certifications to workers and easily track what skilled labor is available in Raken

Construction Project Documentation Checklist.

Construction Project Documentation Checklist

With proper documentation, you can better keep your construction projects on track.

top ten user forms in Raken.

The Top 10 User Forms in Raken

Check out the top ten types of forms our customers have loaded into Raken to share across their teams and projects.

Raken Updates
EMR in Construction.

Experience Modification Rate (EMR) in Construction - An Overview

Learn about experience modification rates in construction and discover how a high EMR can negatively impact your business.

Raken's Most-Loved Features.

Explore Our Customers’ Most-Loved Features

From automated daily reports to easy-to-use photo markup tools, these are the tools Raken customers love the most.

woman construction worker talking on mobile phone on jobsite.

5 Ways to Celebrate Women in Construction Week

March 3-9 is Women in Construction Week! Learn how to honor this event all year long. What is Women in Construction Week? Women in Construction Week is an annual event founded...

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5 tips for effective jobsite communication.

5 Tips for Effective Jobsite Communication

Read our tips to prevent miscommunication and misinterpretation on the jobsite.


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