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Catch up on all the latest construction tips, news, and updates.

Drones in construction.

Drones in Construction

Learn how drones can improve accuracy, save time, and cut costs for construction companies.

Industry News
How to digitize your file cabinet with Raken.

How to Digitize Your File Cabinet with Raken

Learn how to ditch the paperwork and simplify the way your business manages company and government required forms with Raken.

Raken Recap 2023.

2023 Year-End Update: Our Biggest Year Yet

Between releasing more new features than ever before, winning awards, and growing our business, 2023 has been a record year for Raken.

Raken Updates
How to get company-level insights in Raken.

How to Get Company-level Insights in Raken

Learn how to use Raken’s insights dashboard to get a company-level view of production data.

2023 awards won by Raken.

2023 Awards Recap

Read about all the ways Raken’s people and products were recognized this year.

Raken Updates
Winter safety for construction workers.

Winter Safety for Construction Workers

Learn the seven best winter safety topics to cover on the jobsite, plus more tips to stay incident-free this season.

Try Raken's new worker time clock app.

Try Our New Worker Time Clock

This month we launched our mobile worker time clock, a new, easy-to-use way to accurately track time in Raken.

Raken Updates
What is lean construction?.

What is Lean Construction? Definition & Principles

Learn about lean construction principles and the tools business use to put them into practice.

How to manage worker time in Raken.

How to Manage Worker Time in Raken

Learn how to manage worker hours using Raken’s flexible time entry options.

Construction Cybersecurity: Protect Your Data with Raken.

Construction Cybersecurity: Protect Your Data with Raken

There are many common cybersecurity risks in construction. Learn how to keep your data safe and protected with Raken.

Benefits of Accurate Time Tracking in Construction.

Benefits of Accurate Time Tracking in Construction

Accurately tracking employee work hours improves payroll and can also provide valuable business insights.

Using your Raken dashboards.

Using your Raken Dashboards

This quick guide will show you how to use our dashboards to gain actionable insights from your collected data.


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