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woman construction worker talking on mobile phone on jobsite.

5 Ways to Celebrate Women in Construction Week

March 3-9 is Women in Construction Week! Learn how to honor this event all year long. What is Women in Construction Week? Women in Construction Week is an annual event founded...

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Drones in construction.

Drones in Construction

Learn how drones can improve accuracy, save time, and cut costs for construction companies.

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New 2024 OSHA electronic reporting requirements.

OSHA Updates Electronic Recordkeeping Requirements For 2024

In 2024, OSHA will require companies with 100 or more employees to submit workplace injury and illness information electronically.

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The Rising Cost of Disputes.

The Rising Costs of Disputes in Construction

A 2023 report revealed that the cost of average disputes in North America is rising. Read more to learn about the insights from the report, and how Raken can help.

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A Day in the Life of a Construction Superintendent.

A Day in the Life of a Construction Superintendent

A superintendent's main responsibility is to ensure the success of the projects they work on, but what exactly does the job look like on a day-to-day basis?

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4 Takeaways from the Billd 2023 National Subcontractor Market Report.

4 Takeaways from the Billd 2023 National Subcontractor Market Report

Construction is one of the nation’s largest industries, without which economic growth and innovation is impossible. In this massive industry, subcontractors are some of the...

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10 Incredible Construction Feats.

10 Incredible Feats in Construction History

Human history has seen a multitude of incredible feats. From Leonardo da Vinci to Nikola Tesla to Steve Jobs, creation and invention are core to the human experience. It sets us...

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What is design-build construction?.

Design-Build Construction: A Comprehensive Guide

Design-build construction is a project delivery method that’s quickly grown in popularity over the past several years. How does design-build construction work, and how can your...

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two construction workers on jobsite discussing design problems.

Design Problems Affecting the Construction Industry

Every successful construction project begins with a good design. If mistakes are made during the planning phase of a project, profitability suffers—sometimes drastically if the...

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construction worker wiping forehead.

How Managers Can Prevent Employee Burnout in Construction

This year, the American Psychological association reported that more people than ever before are experiencing the negative effects of work-related stress . According to the...

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three construction workers of different generations talking on jobsite.

Managing Generational Gaps on the Jobsite

Construction companies with multigenerational workforces enjoy many benefits. Each generation has unique views and experiences, and these diverse perspectives contribute to...

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construction project manager using calculator for budgeting.

Why Do Construction Projects Go Over Budget?

To make profit, construction companies must carefully plan and schedule their projects. Materials, labor, equipment rentals, and all other expenses are calculated and added to...

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