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Celebrating National Construction Appreciation Week


Posted on September 18th, 2019

two construction workers on jobsite with ladders.

This week, September 16-20, is National Construction Appreciation Week. I Build America, the United State's leading organization for promoting the value of the construction industry, created Construction Appreciation Week last year, to share how much construction workers contribute to our society, and support the pride members of the industry should feel about their hard work. When we speak with Raken customers and visit their jobsites, we get to learn about their incredible accomplishments firsthand, and want to give these hard-working men and women the appreciation they truly deserve. Every day, those in the construction industry devote their time to building new opportunities for the American people, and they willingly go to their jobs every day in a risky line of work.

construction workers meeting on jobsite.

The Backbone of America

Without the dedication of the members of the construction industry, we would have no schools, hospitals, or bridges. From the structures that house our families, to the roads that we take to work every day, construction workers have committed their careers to making sure our buildings and infrastructure are safe and made with care. Over 10% of the American workforce belongs to the construction industry, and with the rise of more technically complicated projects, construction workers are accepting more responsibilities than ever before.

Construction workers are heroes in their own rights. With early mornings, dangerous jobsites, and more, these men and women work thanklessly to make sure their work is high quality, safe, and completed on time. We feel that the contributions of the working class tend to go unnoticed in the eyes of the media, and we feel that those in construction have achieved countless noteworthy feats, including our highway systems, metropolitan areas, and public transportation, and so much more. Placing an emphasis on how crucial construction is to our society is not an exaggeration, as those in the industry have literally created the physical backbones for this country.

We Appreciate Your Appreciation

Raken would be nothing without our customers. Our product has always been based around the feedback of our customer base and because of our hands-on approach to research, we have become close with a number of our clients. This has allowed us to learn more about what sacrifices are made by the individuals who choose to follow construction-based career paths. We cannot express how meaningful it is to receive support from some of the hardest working folks in America, and we are so glad to be able to make their lives even just a tiny bit easier. We know how much heart and soul that is poured into every project - from the field to the office, and it is an honor to be a part of the process.

We created Raken to eliminate the worst part of the day for these workers: the paperwork. This in turn gives them more time to do what they are best at, and to enjoy what drew them to construction in the first place. We want to get construction workers off the jobsite and home to their families faster by simplifying tedious, outdated reporting processes. While Raken is a software company, we are first and foremost a group of people that understand the importance of a high quality of life. We genuinely want the best for our customers, because we are inspired by all of their hard work and dedication.

It's clear that the men and women of the United States' construction industry are truly passionate about constructing a better world, and that's something we can all get behind. Here at Raken, this week, and every week, we celebrate construction appreciation.

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