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Walkthroughs of Raken's features for whenever you need a quick refresher.

Raken Overview.

Raken Overview

Learn why Raken is the preferred digital project management solution for field and office teams across the country.

Product Video: What is Raken?.

Raken Demo

Watch how Raken's construction management software works to make capturing data in the field easy.

The #1 app for the field.

Raken - Loved by Construction

Learn why Raken is the preferred digital project management solution for field and office teams across the country.

Raken Integrations.

Raken Integrations

Seamlessly integrate Raken with your preferred software for project management, accounting, and cloud storage.

Raken Feature: Toolbox Talks.

Toolbox Talks

Use Raken's expansive library of topics to quickly access and deliver a toolbox talk that's relevant to your team.

Raken Feature: Time Cards.

Time Cards

Raken's time cards are easy for the field to fill out and help your accounting team painlessly process payroll.

Product Video: Raken Production Tracking.

Raken Production Tracking

Easily track productivity and improve profitability with Raken's easy-to-use production tracking tools.

Product Video: Raken Checklists.

Raken Checklists

Use Raken's checklists feature to promote safety and standardize data collection.

Product Video: Production Insights.

Production Insights

See how Raken helps project stakeholders track production and keep work on schedule.

Product Videos: Photos.


Snap jobsite photos and add visual data to reports the easy way using our construction photo app.

Safety Features: Make safety a priority.

Safety Features

Use Raken's digital reporting tools to prevent safety concerns and monitor compliance in the field.

Product Video: Equipment Tracking.

Equipment Management

Manage your owned and rented equipment efficiently and effectively with Raken equipment management. Never under or over utilize your resources again.

Connect the field to the office.

Raken in the Office

Project supervisors, operations managers, accounting teams, and other office-based stakeholders use Raken to gain better, more accurate insights from the field.

Raken: The #1 Field App.

Raken in the Field

Raken helps field contractors quickly collect high quality jobsite data and share it with the office in real time.

Raken For General Contractors.

Raken for General Contractors

Contractors of all specialties can utilize Raken's innovative tools for daily reporting, production tracking, time cards, and more.

Raken Mechanical Contractors.

Raken for Mechanical Contractors

See what Raken's comprehensive construction management tools can do for mechanical contractors.

Raken: Electrical Contractors.

Raken for Electrical Contractors

Electrical contractors can use Raken's powerful project management software to more accurately report on what's happening onsite.

Raken For Trade Contractors.

Raken for Subcontractors

Subcontractors can use Raken to quickly and easily gather information from the jobsite and share real-time progress updates with partners.

Raken: Concrete Contractors.

Raken for Concrete Contractors

Raken helps concrete contractors keep track of project progress and make sure all work is completed safely on time.

Raken Excavating Contractors.

Raken for Excavating Contractors

Excavating contractors need a project management tool that helps field crews track equipment, prevent accidents, and stay on schedule.

Testimonial: Tri State.

Raken and Tri State

Learn how Raken helps Tri State General Contractors save time and focus on what's important by updating outdated processes.

Testimonial: Swinerton.

Raken and Swinerton Renewable Energy

See how Swinerton Renewable Energy saves time collecting daily reports and analyzing data with Raken

Testimonial: Sundt.

Raken and Sundt

See how Sundt Construction uses Raken's daily reports feature to improve the workdays of their field contractors.

Testimonial: Stonwerk.

Raken and Stonwerk

With Raken's help, Stonwerk Custom Masonry was able to modernize their communication and documentation processes.

Testimonial: Level 10.

Raken and Level 10 Construction

Learn how Level 10 Construction uses Raken to simplify and streamline communications for large-scale projects.

Testimonial: Hensel Phelps.

Raken and Hensel Phelps

Thanks to Raken's quick, easy-to-use digital daily reporting app, the hard-working contractors at Hensel Phelps have improved quality of life.

construction worker taking photo with ipad.

Why We Do What We Do

At Raken, our goal is to empower contractors and construction professionals everywhere.

Tutorial: Custom Pay Types.

Custom Pay Types

Raken's custom pay types feature allows for the most granular time tracking yet.

Tutorial: Overtime Rules.

Overtime Rules Walkthrough

Watch our video tutorial to learn how to easily and quickly add overtime rules to your time tracking process.

Product Video: Segmented Daily Reports.

Segmented Daily Reports

Raken's segmented daily reports help you organize reporting data in the best way for your construction business.

Integration: Procore + Raken.

Raken and Procore Integration

See what makes Raken and Procore one of the most powerful teams in construction.

Tutorial: Mobile Pay Types.

Mobile Custom Pay Types Walkthrough

This video will guide you through adding custom pay types on mobile devices.

Tutorial: ComputerEase: Exporting Cost Codes.

ComputerEase: Exporting Cost Codes

Learn how to export cost codes and make the most of Raken's integration with ComputerEase.

Computerease: Exporting Cost Codes.

ComputerEase: Exporting and Importing Time

These tips for importing and exporting time show you how to reduce payroll errors with Raken and ComputerEase.

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