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Construction Quality Management Software & App

Increase visibility and reduce rework with our construction quality control software, featuring:

  • Real-time field reporting

  • Photo and video documentation

  • Managed checklists and observations

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Improved construction quality management for contractors

Our digital reporting tools are built for the field and office.

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Instant insights

Traditional reporting methods take too much time and lead to frequent communication errors. With pen and paper, it’s easy to miss a quality assurance issue in the field until it’s too late.  

Raken’s easy-to-use mobile reporting software helps your crew collect accurate, consistent data from the jobsite and share it with the office in real-time. You’ll have clear visibility into project progress each day, so you can catch potential quality concerns and respond quickly before they turn into major rework. 

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Streamlined communication

Don’t waste valuable work hours hunting down data. With Raken, all reporting information is stored on the cloud for easy access. Read current reports as soon as they’re submitted or easily find and review historical data using our search function.

Reports are automatically published into a clear PDF format. Visually track productivity and measure progress against estimates at a glance using our dashboards, without having to manually organize data from multiple sources.

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Fewer errors

By standardizing and streamlining the reporting process, Raken makes construction quality management easy for contractors. Our digital tools automate repetitive tasks and eliminate the need for error-prone manual data entry.

With all the time saved on reporting, field crews can focus on maintaining high quality standards. And, the office can closely monitor quality across all projects without hours of organizational work.

How it works

Learn more about our quality management features.

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Digital daily reporting

With Raken, field crews collect daily report data using their preferred mobile devices. Time-saving templates and voice-to-text recording capabilities help them complete reports much more quickly than they can using handwritten methods. The quality of report data improves while stress on the jobsite decreases. 

Reports are automatically consolidated, stored, and shared with all project stakeholders via cloud storage. With different views for tracking productivity across the entire project, you won’t need to chase down information or spend hours translating it. You can closely monitor current project progress and better understand how your team works to plan more accurate bids in the future. 

Raken’s digital daily reporting tools increase visibility, helping you make sure work is completed correctly in a timely manner.

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Photo and Video Documentation

Using our photo and video capabilities, contractors can easily attach visual documentation to daily reports. Pictures and videos give stakeholders the best view of the jobsite they can get aside from being able to personally survey all tasks each day. 

Any photo captured with Raken is automatically time and date stamped, so you can see exactly when certain tasks were completed. Photos and videos are stored in a cloud-based project gallery, so they can be quickly located and reviewed.

Users can add markup to photos to highlight key details. You’ll catch quality concerns that can’t be easily conveyed via text reporting.

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Managed checklists and observations

Raken’s construction quality management software features a comprehensive checklist library. Use one of our standardized options or customize your own, then assign and schedule them.

Checklists help field contractors reduce construction errors by providing a framework they can follow to monitor quality on the job. Simply work through the list items and submit the finished checklist once completed. 

If employees notice a quality issue, they can submit an observation or attach it to a checklist. They can assign a coworker or external collaborator to handle any issues and track resolution.

Then, analyze quality data and KPIs with automated reports and a visual dashboard.

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Good communication prevents rework. Make sure no important details are missed by using Raken’s in-app messaging features.

Push notifications directly to your crews and create project-related threads to let workers know when there is a quality concern that needs to be resolved immediately. Tag supervisors for updates and collaborate seamlessly to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Text messages and emails get missed. Keeping project communications within the Raken app helps you reach your team directly.

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