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Why Raken?

Better visibility and meaningful insights

If you’re in the dark about current performance, how can you take the right steps forward? Shed light on your strengths and identify areas for improvement with a clear view of productivity, safety, and compliance across all your jobsites.

Clear visibility at your fingertips

Assess performance without hours of manual review.

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Keep accurate documentation

Identify and quickly resolve risks

Make more informed decisions

All your project data, organized for maximum impact

View key data across projects

Track project progress at the company level with a comprehensive overview dashboard. See stats at a glance to accurately assess performance based on all your data.

Gain project-specific insights

Need more granular insights? Within each project, you’ll find production statistics, including projected performance, to help you measure progress against estimates.

Monitor safety compliance

Make sure your crews are following standardized safety procedures and track compliance with automated safety insights that give you the visibility you need to make impactful changes.

Maintain high quality standards

Track quality control issues and gain insight into where your team struggles and succeeds to help develop a more effective quality assurance plan.

Detailed data without added hassle

Real-time jobsite visibility

You’ll have instant access to all your reports, photos, and observations in one central location, as soon as it’s uploaded. No more hunting down reports or spending hours organizing time cards.

Comprehensive reports

Instead of spending hours writing out reports with pen and paper or complicated spreadsheets, workers use mobile data capture to provide progress updates with a tap, compete with notes and attachments.

Time-stamped photos and videos

Capture time and date stamped photos (with watermarks) and videos in the app, add markup, and easily attach to reports, checklists, and observations. All media is automatically added to a project gallery.

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"Raken helps us give the real story of what happened on the jobsite when we need to defend the hard work we do."

Tom M., Director of Corporate Safety Read the Case Study

Why Raken?

We’re the all-in-one field management solution.

All-in-one app for the field

Higher adoption & compliance

Fits in your tech stack

Award-winning onboarding & support

Get a personalized demo

We’ll show you all the ways Raken will simplify your workflows.

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