Construction Project Management Software

Increase project visibility and improve communication with Raken's construction project management software featuring:

  • Real-time insights from the field
  • An easy-to-use mobile app
  • Streamlined task management

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The best project management software for construction

Our innovative construction management software helps your field teams easily provide detailed data from the jobsite.

Digital daily reporting

Streamline your workday with digital daily reports that make collecting the information you need to effectively manage your projects a simple process.

Using mobile data capture, pre-built construction checklists, report templates, and voice-to-text capabilities, you’ll gain consistent, accurate insights with less manual data entry.

Daily Reports

Visual data capture

Our photo and video documentation feature paints a clear picture of project progress. All photos captured within our app are automatically time and date stamped and shared via cloud storage.

Visual data protects contractors against disputes, because the proof is in the picture. Photos and videos also help project managers mitigate safety risks, because they can see exactly what’s happening on every jobsite with little room for communication errors.

Photo Documentation

Construction task management

Keep track of all work completed using Raken’s construction task management software. Easily assign tasks and keep an eye on progress.

Our task management app is easy for the field to use and takes the guesswork out of who is responsible for specific labor.

Digital time cards

The best construction project management software can help project managers monitor labor needs as well as track project progress. Raken’s app offers robust time card capabilities that help field teams accurately track hours worked to specific tasks.

Customize your time tracking to fit the needs of your company with unlimited custom cost codes and per-project flexibility.

Time Cards

What are the benefits of Raken Project Management?

Use our construction project management software to save time and money.

Build better budgets

With more consistent, accurate historical project data, budgeting future work is a breeze. You’ll know exactly what was spent where, and can use those insights to predict what resources you need to complete similar projects.

Budget Management

Maximize efficiency

Easily review historical data to better plan your next schedule. Take a look at time card data to assess hiring needs and make sure you have the right staff available before committing to a tight deadline.

Production Tracking

Mitigate risks

Clear documentation stored all in one place helps mitigate risks. Whether you want to monitor data to make sure safety procedures are being followed or you need to review reports in the event of a dispute, you can find information quickly.

Safety Management

Implement integrations

Our construction project management software integrates with the most popular construction software solutions. If you have a preferred system for creating RFIs for example, Raken can share information between programs seamlessly.

Our Integrations

Project management tools for all kinds of contractors

Raken's project management software can help contractors better manage performance, documentation, and productivity.

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For General Contractors

Gain accurate real-time insights across all projects

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For Subcontractors

Monitor day-to-day progress and prevent disputes

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