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How Uprite Improves Project Visibility and Compliance with Raken

Uprite Construction is a multi-service construction company with over thirty years of experience. They specialize in project site development, construction management, ground-up construction, and tenant improvements in the commercial, industrial, and semiconductor sectors. The company has offices in 6 states and holds strong to their core values of safety, integrity, teamwork, innovation, and respect.

The problem: Previous jobsite management tools were too cumbersome and inefficient

Operating multiple projects simultaneously nationwide isn’t easy, so naturally Uprite explored digital solutions for construction management. They initially went with Procore, but they later found that it didn’t quite fit their needs. 

“It was tough to get information out of the dailies that I needed,” says Jeremy Coriale, Chief Operating Officer at Uprite. “There was no analysis done. There were no alerts—everything had to be done outside of it. Because it was more complicated, we paid for things no one was using.”

When it came to submitting safety observations or gathering basic data from the field, Greg Velasquez, Uprite’s Director of Corporate Safety, felt the same way. It often took him 4 to 5 hours just to find and compile the data for analysis. “It was time-consuming for what we wanted to do,” he says. “It was way too much, and it was unnecessary.”

The solution: Simplified daily reporting and safety management with Raken

When it became apparent that Procore wasn’t saving them any time, it was time to move on. Luckily, Raken offered exactly what they needed—an easy-to-use field management tool with daily reporting, project management, and safety capabilities. 

With a more streamlined software, Uprite workers can consistently complete dailies and submit safety observations in less time. 

“Raken is so user friendly—it’s intuitive, and there are much fewer clicks for the team to do what they need to do,” says Jeremy. “It’s a much better platform than what we had.”

Detailed daily reports bring better jobsite visibility

Keeping detailed records of what happens on the jobsite is an integral part of Uprite’s operations. Raken makes that easy. “We use Raken to record the day-to-day operations,” says Craig. “We always refer back to the daily report.” 

Almost as soon as they made the switch, Uprite noticed how much easier it was to submit and analyze daily reports in Raken. “I can see when somebody enters something in Raken, so that way I’m not looking at all the daily reports in the morning,” says Craig Revering, Director of Field Operations at Uprite.

It's easy, it's at my fingertips. I can see everything in Raken on my mobile device and live on my desktop at my workstation in real time.
Craig R., Director of Field Operations

Craig can monitor real-time updates from the field on his desktop computer and get a broader view of work being done with Raken’s dashboards. He also doesn’t have to chase down workers who skipped their dailies because Raken notifies both them and Craig via email whenever that happens.

Craig and his crews have more time than before to focus on the work being done. “Raken saves me at least three hours a day,” says Craig. Easy-to-use digital daily reports mean more time doing the actual work and less time writing about it.

Safety tools standardize best practices and increase compliance

Raken helps Uprite take a more proactive approach to safety with managed digital checklists they can tailor to their unique needs. “We use it for our vehicle inspections, equipment inspections, safety inspections and observations, and for tracking anything that’s happening in our jobs,” says Greg. “We use it for incident tracking as well.”

In addition to checklists, Raken allows companies like Uprite to upload and create form templates. These tools help them simplify workflows, mitigate risk by catching issues early, and monitor the progress of issues that need to be resolved.

Raken’s safety dashboards make it easy for Uprite to organize the data from the jobsite in an easy-to-digest format. By analyzing trends over time, Uprite is able to notice and resolve problem areas to improve safety practices and compliance. “The data is there and it’s available much faster,” Greg says.

Using Raken, I can run the insights for each project or overall for the company and see if our guys are 100% compliant in doing their safety checklists.
Greg V., Director of Corporate Safety

Observations enhance safety in the field

Because safety is one of the company's main values, Raken's observations feature was especially appealing to Uprite. 

For us to do our due diligence as a general contractor, one thing that we need to show is that we’re doing inspections and observations at our jobsites.
Greg V., Director of Corporate Safety

When submitting an observation, workers can attach photo and video evidence, assign specific team members to address the issue, and tag stakeholders to keep them aware of the situation. By reporting safety and quality issues in real time, workers can take an active role in reinforcing safety on the jobsite and ensure compliance with regulations. 

Easy onboarding leads to higher field adoption

When they saw how user-friendly Raken was, Uprite was able to breathe a sigh of relief. In fact, they experienced virtually none of the headaches commonly associated with switching up software on workers. “It’s so simple,” says Craig. “They caught on right away.” 

Greg agrees, and his favorite part is how simple the app version is. 

With Raken, I don’t hear complaints anymore from our field staff.
Greg V., Director of Corporate Safety

Companies like Uprite Construction are simply too busy to deal with software that isn’t tailor-made for workers in the field. From analysis and documentation to overall jobsite safety, streamlining workflows helps them stay focused on building and growing their business.

Learn more about Raken for general contractors

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