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Empower your crew to proactively report safety and quality issues. Raken features:

  • Real-time observation reporting tools

  • Resolution tracking

  • Automated workflows and notifications

Product Video: Raken Observations.

Submit detailed observations, anytime or anywhere

Raken makes it easy for the field to catch and correct safety and quality concerns or report best practices on the jobsite. Just pick up your device and use our mobile app to quickly record the details and assign a team member to resolve any issues.

Creating an observation in Raken.

1. Create a safety or quality observation

Right from the field, employees create detailed observations describing safety or quality issues—or showing wins. Observations can be submitted alone or as a part of a checklist.

Taking a video in the Raken app.

2. Add photos and video

Capture photos and videos without leaving the app, and attach them to observations for maximum clarity.

Adding an assignee in Raken.

3. Add an assignee

Assign a team member or collaborator to address the issue outlined in the observation.

Tagging team members in Raken.

4. Tag stakeholders

Tag any stakeholders who need to be aware of the observation.

Tracking a resolution in Raken.

5. Track resolution

The assignee addresses the problem and attaches photos of the resolution. All stakeholders, assignees, and the employee who submitted the observation will get email notifications with every update.

More safety and quality tools

checklist icon.

Managed Checklists

Choose from our checklist library or create your own. Then, schedule, assign, and track completion.

graph icon.

Dashboards & Reporting

Analyze trends at a glance and download shareable PDF and spreadsheet reports with actionable insights.

toolbox icon.

Toolbox Talks

Schedule a toolbox talk and track attendance right in our app. Never waste work hours searching for topics.

Why safety and quality observations work

Reduce risks and protect both your employees and your business.

Observations dashboard in Raken.

Reduce risks

Catching potential issues early is the easiest way to mitigate the risk of disputes, litigation, and costly rework.

Observation categories in Raken.

Improve documentation

Instead of having to search through email chains or text messages, Raken’s observation tools give you a clear record of what happened on the jobsite and how your crew responded.

construction safety observation software on mobile phone.

Stay proactive

When field employees can pick up a phone or tablet and report a concern with just a few clicks or taps, they’re more likely to take accountability and take action.

Protect your crew and keep projects on track

Our easy-to-use web and mobile app includes a digital toolbox of safety and quality features. Create and schedule custom checklists, give toolbox talks and track attendance, and closely track project progress in detail.

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