Accounting & Payroll Software Integrations

Raken connects to your existing construction accounting and payroll software to eliminate manual entry and streamline payroll. Sync digital time card data, save time through quick and accurate exports, and reduce errors.

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How it works

We make it easy to connect Raken to your accounting and payroll solutions. Share information seamlessly between our app and your preferred software.

Partner integrations

Connect Raken to one of these partner accounting softwares to help process payroll faster.

Why should I integrate Raken with my construction accounting software?

You’ve already chosen the best accounting software for your construction business. How can integrating Raken’s Time Card feature help you make the most of your payroll process?

Better, more accurate time card data

Our digital time tracking app is easy to use. Your field crews can quickly and accurately log time worked with a single tap and instantly share it with your office team.

You’ll have less payroll errors—and happier employees.

Enhanced flexibility

Raken’s customization options allow you to get as granular as you need with time tracking data. Track time individually or allocate hours by crew, assign shift labels, and enter unlimited custom pay types.

Our per-project flexibility also lets you track time according to state-specific laws when your construction business covers a wide service area. For example, track breaks in Houston following Texas regulations while simultaneously tracking breaks onsite in San Diego based on California’s guidelines.

Seamless integration

Sync Cost Codes, Projects, Classifications, and Employees with your construction accounting software in real time. There’s no need for manual data entry or entering the same information twice in two separate systems. Make a change in your accounting and payroll software, and Raken’s construction management app will update automatically with little downtime.

Let your accounting team focus on processing payroll and making sure your employees are paid on time.

Better insights

With consistent, accurate time tracking data, you’ll gain valuable insight from the field. Raken’s time tracking app helps decision makers better manage their resources, plan schedules, and set budgets.

When you’re ready to review, Raken helps you export time tracking data in a clear, professional report format.

Comprehensive construction management solutions

Improve visibility across every project.

Daily Reports

Real-time reporting made easy

Production Tracking

Detailed, advanced insights

Photo Documentation

Seamless visual data collection

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