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Enterprise Construction Management Software

Raken helps enterprise-level construction businesses make the most of their investment. Our software features:

  • High field and user adoption rates

  • Intuitive daily reporting, resource management, and safety and quality monitoring features

  • Integrations with industry-leading tools for project management, accounting, and more

Why Choose Raken?.

Easy-to-use tools for the field and office

It doesn't matter if your software has all the bells and whistles—if it’s too complicated, no one wants to use it. Raken’s web and mobile app is designed with the end user in mind. We automate repetitive tasks to save your team time and effort.

enterprise construction management software shown on mobile phone and laptop.

Custom feel with out-of-the-box convenience

Raken works right out of the box but can be easily tailored for a personalized experience. Don’t waste money on building a custom solution that’s too hard to maintain—we have the field reporting functionality you need upfront and integrate with other top construction software to create a powerful tech stack for less.

hand holding phone showing construction app for enterprise companies.

Risk-reducing safety and compliance monitoring

Improve documentation and prevent disputes or litigation with our safety and quality management tools. Raken helps field crews stay on top of inspections and keep protocol top of mind, while the office gains better visibility.

construction safety and compliance monitoring software shown on laptop.

Seamless integrations

Our platform integrates directly with top industry software for accounting, project management, cloud storage, jobsite monitoring, and more.

Procore logo.


Raken and Procore work together so you can view all your data without having to switch tools.

Autodesk Construction Cloud Connect logo.


Access an embedded Raken experience from within the BIM 360® Dashboard to streamline workflows.

Holo Builder logo.


See HoloBuilder’s 360° jobsite photos directly in your Raken Company Dashboard.

Who we work for

We help thousands of contractors keep their projects on track every day.

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Hensel phelps contractor using Raken.
Hensel Phelps logo.

"We decided to expand our partnership with Raken to the enterprise because of the high adoption rate of the system by our teams. We are excited to see the productivity and safety benefits Raken brings for our crews worldwide."

– Virtual Design Construction Manager, Hensel Phelps

See how our construction management software can work for your team

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