› Sync your construction technology

Connect your Procore and Raken accounts for a seamless user experience.

› Streamline documentation from the field

Foster better communication between the office and field.

› Improve efficiency and visibility

Get all your project and production data without having to switch tools.

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Add power to your Procore experience

Access Raken’s powerful features like production tracking, toolbox talks, and safety checklists directly from your Procore account.

Production Tracking

Keep track of time cards, materials installed, and status of equipment within the embedded experience.

Toolbox Talks & Checklists

Find and schedule toolbox talks and create new safety checklist templates for your teams in one place.

Better Field Data

With an app that’s easy for anyone to use, you’ll start collection quality data, photos, and updates from the field.

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Embedded Experience

Create an embedded experience

See how you can use Raken directly within the Procore platform.

Support Article

Set up the integration

Learn how to sync your Raken documents, photos, and attachments with Procore.


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For Procore-specific questions, contact their support team.