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Cloud-Based Construction Software

Raken’s cloud-based construction management software improves project visibility with:

  • Real-time field reporting

  • Fast, easy mobile data capture

  • Time-stamped photos, videos, and attachments

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Gain instant insights from the jobsite

Stay informed and keep projects on schedule with our web-based construction management software.

Production insights dashboard in Raken's cloud-based construction software.

Cloud-based reporting

Raken’s cloud-based daily reporting tools keep the field and office in sync. Quickly capture data in the app and share it in real time via cloud storage.

Using Raken, field crews more easily meet daily reporting requirements and project managers don’t have to spend valuable work hours tracking down crucial information. Raken helps streamline communications from the jobsite to the office.

You can even record photos and videos that are automatically time and date stamped. All visual data is uploaded to the cloud in project galleries for easy organization.

cloud based construction reports.

Real-time productivity data

Raken helps construction companies manage materials better because our intuitive reporting tools improve the quality and consistency of data you receive from the field. You won’t have to wonder how many square feet you leveled or cubic yards you poured, because you can closely monitor material use each day.

Use our production tracking features to monitor project progress at a glance. Raken organizes report data from all sources and automatically publishes it into an easy-to-digest PDF format.

Track labor, equipment, and materials, and instantly measure actual numbers against estimates. Make more proactive decisions, better manage your budget, and boost customer satisfaction with more consistent progress updates.

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Mobile time tracking

Our cloud-based construction management software offers three flexible time entry solutions. Add unlimited custom cost codes and track hours worked in the way that’s most valuable to your business.

Whether you choose our mobile time clock, shared kiosk, or digital time cards, timesheets are shared instantly through the cloud. That means less miscommunications and less duplicate data entry for your accounting team.

Raken also integrates seamlessly with many of the industry’s most popular accounting software solutions.

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Safety checklists stored in the cloud

Our library of construction safety checklists keeps field crews safer and more productive. You can customize your own lists or use our premade options to make sure all contractors onsite follow proper safety and quality assurance procedures.

Checklists boost safety management, reduce the room for errors, and help you catch potential issues before they develop into major concerns. Completed lists are stored in the cloud as soon as they’re submitted, so you can monitor safety on the jobsite closely even from the office.

Safety checklists using cloud based construction project management software.

Digital toolbox talks library

Raken makes it easy to schedule, conduct, and document toolbox talks. Our online construction software includes a digital library of over 100 toolbox talk topics.

Bulk schedule meetings, choose a relevant topic, and record attendance all in Raken. All your attendance sheets are stored on the cloud and can be quickly located when needed.

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Construction app for iPhone, iPad & Android

Access Raken’s construction management app in the field from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. We’ve built our features for fast, easy, adoption across all popular platforms.

We make it easy for you to use our solutions anywhere you are, using the tools you’re most comfortable with.

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It’s better on the cloud

Learn why cloud-based software is the best option for construction project management.

Cloud-based software improves visibility.

Any project can quickly go off the rails. All construction managers know that timely, accurate reporting is the best way to ensure profitability.

With cloud-based construction management software, project management is made easy for both the field and office. Mobile reporting helps the field capture higher quality data faster, while the office can review and analyze it in real time.


Cloud-based software streamlines communications.

Through the cloud, all project stakeholders can instantly communicate daily progress no matter where they are, without cluttering each other’s inboxes. Just submit reports or time cards to Raken—notifications are automated.

When it’s time to review, access Raken via mobile device or desktop using our web portal, or browse in offline mode if you have limited service on location. All data is consolidated and automatically published into a branded PDF, so you can easily download and share it with your customers.

You can also connect with teammates directly in the app with our messaging feature. Create project threads, tag specific users, and keep all work-related communications within Raken.


Cloud-based software reduces risk.

Pen and paper reporting is time-consuming and error prone. Our cloud-based software helps you mitigate risk and resolve any issues quickly and fairly. You can more easily review historical data through the cloud than you can using physical storage. Plan more accurate bids and make educated estimates.

In the event of a dispute, find the right reports without delay using our search function. Locate the information you need to investigate and resolve the dispute as painlessly as possible.


Who can use Raken’s cloud-based construction project management software?

Our solutions work for construction companies of all specialties and sizes.

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Raken for General Contractors

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Raken for Subcontractors

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Raken for Excavating Contractors

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Raken for Electrical Contractors

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Raken for Concrete Contractors

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Raken for Mechanical Contractors

See Raken's cloud software in action

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Want to learn more about cloud-based construction management?

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