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Excavating Contractor Software

Dig deeper into your production metrics and reporting with our excavating contractor software featuring:

  • Material and equipment logs on mobile

  • Daily reports with time-stamped photos

  • Digital toolbox talks to improve your safety documentation

Raken Excavating Contractors.

Software Features

Gain better visibility into the jobsite

Collect data straight from the field—from time and material tracking to equipment logs and daily reporting—so you know exactly how much progress you’re making.

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Equipment Logs

Keep track of your equipment on-site

Say goodbye to manually updating spreadsheets with equipment logs for your owned and rented equipment. Get better visibility into which project your equipment is on to maximize its use.

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Production Tracking

Measure what you move

From material logs to time tracking for your crews, record your outputs in our mobile app to keep track of everything and streamline processes.

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Daily Reporting

Organize your documentation

Build better daily reports that automatically compile the weather, surveys, work logs, photos, and notes into one cohesive PDF document.

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Toolbox Talks

Run efficient safety meetings

Select talks from our digital library and schedule them across all your projects. Store all your attendee sign-in sheets in one place to help improve your EMR rating.

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Document safety and quality

Get updates faster with customizable checklists completed directly in the app. Eliminate paperwork and increase your visibility.

More efficient communication between the field and office

With real-time updates and insight dashboards, you’ll know what’s happening in the field each day. Everything is documented and stored in the cloud, which means it’s easily searchable for any litigation or disputes.

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Give your excavating crews a tool they’ll use

Better project management starts in the field. Our mobile app was designed for field workers to help make their lives easier while giving the office a window into the jobsite. Anyone can download the app and immediately start using it—it’s that easy.

Excavating contractor using Raken app in field.

"Raken has been a very useful, adaptable tool for our team, bridging that gap in the industry we've all seen. If you've got folks that can't communicate well through technology, Raken allows them to do that."

John Albert, Unified Building Group

How Raken helps excavating contractors make better business decisions

Take the guesswork out of how many cubic yards you removed or square feet you leveled. By collecting accurate project data, you’ll know exactly how each project is progressing, plus that data will help you improve future bids.

Level up your jobsite

See how Raken's excavating contractor project management software can help you streamline workflows.

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