Construction Document Management

Safely store and share project information with Raken’s construction document management software integrations. Our app features:

  • Real-time updates
  • Photo and video galleries
  • Automatic PDF publishing

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Securely manage all project documents in one place

Collect and analyze vital project data on your mobile device.

Instantly share daily reporting insights

Raken’s digital daily reporting tools help field contractors quickly capture jobsite data and share it with the office in real time via mobile devices. Once submitted, reports are instantly uploaded to your secure cloud storage solution, where they can be accessed by all stakeholders immediately.

These fast, accurate insights help project managers catch potential concerns early and prevent major safety and quality issues. Field crews can even record jobsite photos and videos, which are automatically time and date stamped and uploaded into searchable project galleries.

Automatically publish PDFs

With pen and paper reporting, managers spend hours tracking down information from different sources and combining multiple reports into one comprehensive document. Our construction document management solutions streamline this process, automatically organizing data from all subcontractors into a clear, branded PDF format that can be viewed on mobile or desktop.

Track labor, materials, equipment, and other key progress indicators at a glance. Quickly download reports to share timely updates with customers.

Mitigate risks

Raken’s digital reports are much easier to securely store and access than handwritten documents. Never search a packed filing cabinet again when you need to review historical data.

In the event of a dispute or litigation, quickly and easily locate specific project information to investigate and reach a fair resolution. Raken’s standardized reports are clean, clear, and consistent, so you’ll always know where to find the information you need.

Raken also features a library of toolbox talks and safety checklists. Utilize them to keep workers safe, and document their completion directly in our mobile app to meet safety requirements.

Connect with your preferred software solutions

Raken’s software integrations reduce communication errors and automates repetitive tasks.

Cloud Storage

Raken connects seamlessly with Egnyte, Google Drive, OneDrive, and other popular cloud storage solutions. We work with your preferred construction document management system to help you make the most of your tech stack.

When you choose Raken, you can keep using the secure storage provider you trust while Raken makes it easier to upload, save, and share documents.

Cloud Storage Integrations

Project management

Our integrations with project management software from Procore, AutoDesk BIM, and more help your daily report documentation fit into your big picture. Share information between Raken and your project management tools to save time and reduce miscommunications.

Raken connects the field with office-based stakeholders who can’t be onsite each day.

Project Management Integrations


Raken pairs with your existing accounting solution to help you process payroll faster with less errors. Cost codes, time cards, and other key information are shared between systems, so you don’t need to enter anything twice.

With Raken, your accounting staff can focus on reviews and approval instead of duplicate data entry.

Accounting Integrations

Comprehensive construction management

Learn more about Raken’s time-saving features.

See how our document management solutions prevent disputes and litigation

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How Raken and Egynte Help Protect Level 10 Construction with Seamless Daily Reporting and File Storage

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