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Construction Time Tracking Software

Streamline your construction time tracking and payroll process with:

  • Flexible time entry options for workers and crews

  • Unlimited custom cost codes for budgeted hours

  • Instant, shareable reports

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Easy time tracking for construction projects

Don’t settle for endless paper timesheets or a time clock that needs months of training—Raken makes time tracking painless and seamless.

Flexible time entry for crews and individuals

Choose how the field logs work hours and breaks.

construction time clock app.

Time Clock

Employee time tracking

Using time clock, workers clock in and out on their individual devices.

  • Location and identity verification

  • Custom reminders and clock in/out questions 

  • Reduces time theft and frees up supervisors

construction time clock kiosk.


Shared device time tracking

In kiosk mode, workers clock in and out of a shared device.

  • Location and identity verification

  • Custom clock in/out questions 

  • Saves time for supervisors while ensuring consistency

construction time card app.

Time Cards

Supervisor-led time tracking

Supervisors use time cards to track time for crews and workers.

  • Create or roll over time cards to save time

  • Gives centralized control over time tracking

  • Enables coordinated crew tracking

custom pay types in Raken.

Detailed Data

Track critical details on the jobsite

Set up custom pay types and automatically allocate overtime for every project. Add unlimited custom cost codes, select shifts, and include notes to track time in as much detail as possible.

construction timesheet app.

Timesheet Approvals

Fast, easy reviews and approvals

One tap is all it takes for workers or supervisors to approve timesheets from the field or office, no matter how time is entered. Plus, quickly identify attempted time fraud and monitor compliance.

production insights screen.

Production Insights

Visually measure performance

All timesheets data is automatically organized into actionable production insights. Compare project actuals to estimates at a glance.

Accounting software Raken integrates with.

Accounting Integrations

Sync your data

Integrate Raken with your accounting software to reduce payroll errors and eliminate duplicate data entry.

The benefits of time tracking with Raken

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Save time

money icon.

Spend less

exclamation point.

Reduce errors

contractor using construction time tracking app on jobsite.

"Raken has improved the time that it takes to do time cards, and the overall accuracy. I can't think of the last time I got a pay complaint."

Keith A., Operations Manager

Streamlined field management

Raken is a one-stop shop for field management. Our time tracking supports our solutions for daily reporting, safety and quality management, and more.

construction daily report app.

Daily Progress Reporting

The whole story, collected from the field

Get real-time project updates from the jobsite.

construction safety management app.

Safety Management

Prevent incidents and reduce risk

Empower your crew with checklists, observations, and toolbox talks.

construction quality management app.

Quality Management

Catch and correct issues early

Gain better visibility and improve QC.

Level up your jobsite

See Raken's construction time tracking software in action.

Time Tracking FAQs

Raken’s construction time tracking software helps workers quickly capture and share timesheet data straight from the jobsite. With accurate time entries, you won’t have to spend valuable work hours hunting down and organizing information.

Raken offers three different time entry options.

Use digital time cards to have a supervisor track time for their teams on mobile. 

Use Raken’s kiosk mode to turn a company phone or tablet into a portable time tracking device for construction. Workers clock in on the same device, which automatically tracks location.

Or, invite workers to download our mobile construction time clock. They’ll use their individual devices to accurately log work hours and approve timesheets with a tap.

Raken offers location verification through both our kiosk and time clock time entry options.

Raken’s kiosk turns a company device into a shared time clock which all workers use to clock in and out. Using our time clock feature, workers track time on their own mobile devices.

Both options allow for location tracking through GPS.

Work logs are typically used by general contractors to track subcontractor activity and manpower counts. Time cards are typically used by subcontractors to capture individual labor hours on a construction project.

Raken’s intuitive and easy-to-use construction time card app allows your field teams to complete time cards digitally and send them to the office. Simply select an individual worker or a whole crew, enter their hours, select a relevant cost code if necessary, and you’re done.

Yes, Raken’s construction timesheet app allows you to roll over time card information from the previous day so that you don’t have to enter the same information over again. Mobile time tracking moves even faster when you can use the app to pull yesterday's data over instead of taking the time to manually duplicate past data.

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