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Kiosk: Construction Time Clock App

Raken’s kiosk mode turns your phone or tablet into a portable time clock for construction. Your crew can:

  • Clock in on the same device

  • Log work hours accurately and consistently

  • Share time clock data automatically

Product Video: Raken Kiosk.

The best construction time clock app for the field and office

Kiosk mode is simple to use and even easier to manage.

Clock in on a shared device

When you use kiosk mode, you streamline time tracking for your field team. Employees show up onsite and clock in and clock out using a single shared device.

Apply overtime automatically and capture lunch and break time as needed. And, if a worker makes a mistake or forgets to clock out, you can edit their individual time card—or edit your entire team’s time cards in bulk.

construction time clock app on tablet.

Track time by crew and location

Always know when and where your employees clocked in. Kiosk mode features geolocation capabilities.

Each time workers use the time clock, their location is added to their time cards. Employees can also select or be assigned a default crew, so you can organize time clock data in the way that makes the most sense for your business.

geolocation capabilities on Raken kiosk.

Easily process payroll

When your employees use kiosk mode, their time clock data is shared with the office in real time. Your accounting team can review and approve time cards quickly and efficiently.

Raken also integrates with industry-leading accounting software to reduce duplicate data entry, making the payroll process a breeze.

employee time clock data screen in Raken kiosk.

Connect with Raken timesheets automatically

Our construction timesheet features help the office organize and analyze time card data.

Assign employees tasks, and the corresponding cost codes will be automatically included on their time cards. Add unlimited custom cost codes to better manage resources and gain more useful insights into how work hours are applied.

timesheet approvals in Raken.

See our time clock kiosk in action

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