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Electrical Contractor Software

Power up your productivity with Raken’s software for electrical contractors.

  • Easily record material and equipment data in the field

  • Create time cards and clock in from any mobile device

  • Improve project reporting and safety documentation

Raken: Electrical Contractors.

Track materials and equipment

Collect data from the field with a click or tap of a button. With Raken’s production tracking tools, field teams log data quicker and the office gets real-time insights on productivity.

material and equipment tracking software shown on laptop.
contractor time tracking app.
contractor daily report app.

Trusted by electrical contractors

Thousands of commercial subcontractors use Raken to power up their businesses.

exposed electrical wires on jobsite.

"Now, with the whole measured mile readily available and documentable, you know when you’re doing well and can share the reasons for success with other projects. You can also resolve poor performance effectively, and if it’s caused by others, demonstrate that to be compensated fairly."

VP of Pre-Construction Planning, John W. Danforth

Integrations built for electrical contractors

Raken connects to your electrical business’s favorite accounting software to eliminate manual entry and streamline payroll processing.

logos of accounting software Raken integrates with.

Electrical contractor software FAQs

Electrical contractor software gives electrical contracting businesses the tools they need to log production data, track employee time, and streamline reporting in one place. Gone are the days of pen and paper or complicated Excel spreadsheets. With Raken, electrical contractors have everything they need to improve daily operations in the palms of their hands. See all our features.

Our electrical contractor app was designed with field teams in mind. Our award-winning mobile app is easy for anyone to immediately pick up and start using. That means they’ll finish reporting and paperwork faster, and you’ll get better jobsite data and information—the ideal win-win.

Raken integrates with the most popular construction accounting software including Foundation, Sage, and Quickbooks. Our software allows your team to capture all time card data digitally in the field and then send that information to the office for expedited review and accurate processing. We also have a flat file download that can be uploaded to eliminate manual entry.

With Raken, office teams are kept in the know via automatic real-time updates. Raken captures report data and creates a production insights chart with accurate current stats and projections that project managers and office personnel can use to stay in the loop and make impactful decisions quicker.

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