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How Kyne Construction Uses Raken + FOUNDATION to Streamline Payroll

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Kyne Construction was established in 2004 and incorporated in 2005. A woman-owned small business general engineering contractor, Kyne specializes in underground and site utilities. They handle various commercial projects throughout Southern California, including San Diego and Los Angeles County.

The Problem: Inefficient Payroll Processing

Before they had a streamlined payroll process, Kyne Construction did everything by hand. Not only did manual entry (and sometimes even triple entry) chip away at their time, third-party payrolls for certified reports took days to process. With 10–20 certified payroll projects at any given time, Kyne needed a more efficient process.

The Solution: Bringing Payroll In-House with Raken + FOUNDATION

With the integration, Kyne Construction saves more time than ever before. Their field time data is collected and uploaded into their payroll system, eliminating manual entry for the office. Now Kyne is able to export payroll reports in whatever formats they need with just a few clicks—giving them a more efficient payroll process (and more time back).

Capturing More Accurate Time Data with Raken

Paper time cards are hard to track—on and off the jobsite. On site, loose papers are more prone to debris or water stains. They’re also easy to misplace when field supervisors are constantly on the move, and nearly impossible for payroll administrators to chase down. That’s why Raken’s construction time tracking software stood out to Kyne.

“With Raken, our foremen are able to fill out their employee’s times, fill out their dailies, upload photos, and do their daily surveys,” says Karina Gallivan, payroll and compliance admin at Kyne Construction. “Then, at the end of the week, I can take all of that time information and upload it directly into FOUNDATION.”

Raken’s easy-to-use mobile app gives foremen the flexibility they need on the job. From the app, they can access everything from time cards and daily construction reports to construction safety checklists. Adding notes and attachments (like photos) is simple, too. Then, once signed off, the project updates are sent back to the office instantly. The biggest benefit for Gallivan, though? The fact that all the field data is collected in real time.

“The real-time aspect has been the biggest benefit for us, because I can see who’s on what job at any hour of the day,” Gallivan says.

Making Payroll Easier (and Faster) with FOUNDATION

With Raken, Kyne Construction streamlined the way they collect and store time data, but that was just one part of the payroll puzzle. After collecting the field’s time data, they still needed to process it into certified payroll reports—and third-party payroll processing is a struggle Gallivan knows all too well.

“Before, we were using an out-of-house payroll. So, I’d have to input field data manually. Then, after I’d process everything, I’d have to put it into our software system,” says Gallivan. “For me, it took 3–5 days just to process payroll, then I’d only have a day or two to do those third-party payrolls.”

That’s where the Raken + FOUNDATION integration comes in. Time data from Raken is uploaded directly to FOUNDATION’s software. From there, you can export certified reports in the formats you need (like PDF reports, Excel spreadsheets, and CSV files). All the data is in real time, so no double-checking is needed. Plus, since time is coded for each job, reviewing data is easy, too.

“With two clicks of a button, I’m done with payroll and certified payroll in just a few days,” Gallivan says. It’s really opened up my time to help out the company’s other needs, and make sure our subs are on board. The integration has really streamlined our whole process.”

Embracing Change at an Established Company

As a more established business with 15 years of experience in the industry, Gallivan admits that adding software to their workflows made them nervous. However, FOUNDATION and Raken’s award-winning customer support eased their minds.

“It was scary, because we’d done things a certain way for 15 years. But we were growing as a company, and we needed something different,” Gallivan says. “FOUNDATION and Raken were on the phone with us any time we had a question. That made it super easy to customize the integration to what we needed.”

FOUNDATION also made their construction payroll software easy to use for that very reason.

“People spend a lot of time doing these reports manually,” says Tom Greco, Senior Regional Sales Representative at FOUNDATION. “We want to provide you something a lot more efficient, where you can do certified reports right in the system.”

Work More Efficiently with Raken and FOUNDATION

Our integration gives Kyne Construction more accurate time data—and smoother payroll processing. Streamlining construction workflows has never been easier.

Schedule a demo today to see how you, like Kyne, can achieve more with Raken’s small business construction software and FOUNDATION integration.

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