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Watch a complete demonstration of Raken field management and daily reporting, learning how all of Raken's features work together to make capturing data in the field easy.

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Watch a complete demonstration of Raken field management and daily reporting, learning how all of Raken's features work together to make capturing data in the field easy.


In this video, I'm going to provide a general overview of Raken daily reporting software. We were named a number one daily reporting software for both AGC national Las Vegas and AGC national in Chicago for two thousand fourteen and two thousand fifteen, and the reason is our entire focus is making the process of daily reporting as fast and easy as possible for superintendents and foremen, while providing project managers and executives the key information they need from daily reports from the job sites in seconds.

You can download the Raken mobile app on any ios or android device, or access Raken via the web at Rakenapp.com if you're on the computer. There's two things that are automatically happening as inputs are made throughout the day to Raken. First, all inputs will populate a company branded daily report PDF and second all inputs will populate the company activity feed on the web.

Raken's award winning daily report PDF contains every piece of information reported from the field. Customized based on your needs, our daily report is company branded with your company logo and colors across the top, the project name, and project information followed by progress photos, automatic weather capture including temperature, precipitation, wind and weather conditions. Work logs, which are used for timekeeping of crews or individuals, notes for any sort of relevant events that happened during the day, issues, concerns, site safety observations and QC observations and the fully customizable daily survey, which captures any project specific questions you might have.

For companies who collect daily reports from subcontractors Raken automatically creates a super daily. this is a huge time saver and ensures compliance from all your project participants. Here's where the magic happens- this index page below the superintendent report called subcontractor reports. We list all your subs reports in one document. To access a subcontractor daily, simply click on the company name and review his report. Click on the subcontractor daily index to go back and view the others. Project managers and executives typically access Raken on the web to view the company's dashboard and activity feed you see here, you can quickly view any reported safety issues, delays, missed reports and open tasks you can filter too, you can view by date, project name, document, type, category or even keyword search your projects. In this case, I want to know about the cement pouring at the san francisco library project. I simply select the filters on the top right and type in cement to easily locate the information that i need. the majority of superintendents and foreman use a mobile app to quickly complete their daily report on the job site throughout the day. when you log into the app, the first thing you see is a list of projects that you have access to. if you're a superintendent on one project you see that one project. If you're a project manager overseeing three projects you see all three all projects- permissions are set by the account administrator. To complete your daily report, you can simply click on your project to add work logs, notes, attachments, which include photos, videos or documents, complete a daily survey and assign and view tasks.

Any input can be typed or spoken using built in speech to text. at the end of your work day, you can review the daily report pdf and sign it off. Once signed the report gets automatically e mailed to whoever you choose, as well as backed up to box dropbox or google drive. All inputs are user time date stamped to serve as a legal document in the event of a dispute down the road. Along with solving all the headaches associated with data collection from the field.

Raken also streamlines the entire photo documentation process for your pictures captured and Raken automatically populates and organizes a photo gallery where you can manage, view and download all your photos at any time, pictures are keyword searchable and organized by date and can be filtered to help you find what you need when the project is done. You can easily download all your pictures into folders for future reference. All the data collected in daily reports can be extracted in viewed in Raken summary reports, our week and month summary reports summarize the manpower hours, safety incidents, delays and missed dailies for the period that you choose. Below the summary you can find the breakdown of the weather conditions and each instance of a safety incident, delay or missed daily. For project managers and executives we also have the option of creating one executive summary report, which contains any number of projects you'd like to see. Here you can see a list of projects with the summary index. by selecting any of the projects, you can access the full weekly report by clicking full summary.

Lastly, if you'd like to use the information captured in Raken for payroll purposes you can easily export an excel spreadsheet of manpower hours for any time frame you choose. We will sort the data for you into three tabs: work account by project, hours worked by project, and hours worked across multiple projects. All the data is stored in bank level secured-servers in the cloud and is accessible for up to 10 years after the completion of the project. With Raken superintendents and foremen are saving an hour a day and have the tools to provide their company with a better report. Give Raken a try and see why many of the ENR 400 are already using Raken for their daily reports.

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