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Watch a complete demonstration of Raken field management and daily reporting, learning how all of Raken's features work together to make capturing data in the field easy.

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Watch a complete demonstration of Raken field management and daily reporting, learning how all of Raken's features work together to make capturing data in the field easy.


Have you ever been stuck in your trailer at the end of the day filling out a daily? Have you ever chased down a subcontractor for a time card? Raken’s field management software turns all that around, providing mobile-first technology to streamline field workflows for the construction industry. Raken’s digital toolbox saves superintendents time by allowing them to capture daily reports, time cards, tasks, and photos directly from the field with an easy-to-use mobile app.

Users leverage Raken on a daily basis, quickly and easily capturing jobsite events in daily reports, time cards, and photos which Raken automatically turns into branded reports, real-time dashboards, and data insights that improve the flow of information from the field to the office.

Additionally, daily reports from various subcontractors are automatically compiled into a Super Daily. Raken’s Super Daily gives general contractors the ability to automatically collect and collate all of their subcontractor daily reports, providing them with a single, standardized record of the day’s events to put project progress into perspective—not just for their own crews, but their subcontractors as well.

Raken’s complete field reporting solution helps construction companies reduce risk, manage budgets, and improve their bottom line. Whenever an event is captured in the field, whether it’s a photo, work log, or other note, it’s automatically fed into a PDF daily report and real-time updates show up in the web dashboard. The daily report PDF can be customized based on your needs to contain everything you need to know from the field including the project name, date, and automatic weather capture.

Next, you’ll see work logs and time cards for entire crews or individuals. You’ll also see notes for any relevant issues throughout the day, including site safety and quality control observations. The survey is a quick, completely customizable checklist you can set by project to make sure you’re given the info you need from each site. You can even customize the survey for specific subcontractors.

For companies collecting dailies from subcontractors, Raken automatically compiles them into a Super Daily, underneath the superintendents’ report, you’ll see an index page where you can go right to the dailies for each subcontractor. Project managers or executives typically access Raken on the web to view their company’s dashboard and activity feed. Here you can quickly view any reported issues, delays, safety, and more. You can filter your search results by project or other parameters.

The Insights Dashboard analyzes the data coming from the field and transforms it into visualizations that are easy to understand. Here you can see man hours, compliance, delays, and more, at a glance. You can even access the Dashboard and Insights tab on mobile, so if you’re on the road you can still know exactly what’s happening on your sites.

One of your biggest tasks is probably providing summary reports to your owner or executives every month or even week. With Raken, all the information input into your dailies is automatically summarized into weekly and monthly reports so you don’t have to spend hours doing it. You can also customize these summary reports so that you only share what you want to share.

Raken empowers you to generate other useful reports automatically—the manpower report gives a more complete breakdown of labor hours, while time cards can be exported in spreadsheets as well for easy integration with a payroll system.

Most superintendents access Raken via the app, so they can work on their reports as they walk the site throughout the day. All you have to do is select a project and then start adding work logs, notes, attachments that include photos, videos or documents, fill out a survey, or make assignments. At the end of the day you can view your daily and sign it. Once it’s signed it’s sent automatically to whoever you choose, as well as backed up to a cloud storage service of your choosing.

All reports are user, date, and time-stamped to serve as official, legal documents should any litigation arise down the road. With Raken, superintendents and foremen are saving an hour a day using a tool they love, while project managers back in the office have complete visibility into what’s happening in the field right at their fingertips. Raken mitigates risk by protecting your company in case of litigation. You’ll have a clean, professional record of your daily work so you don’t have to search for dailies and time cards in binders. So come check out Raken, and see what it can do for you.

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